Lost in the Movies: A Year of Video Essays from Lost in the Movies

A Year of Video Essays from Lost in the Movies

A complete line-up of all my video work from the past twelve months

A few days from now marks the first anniversary of my involvement with Fandor Keyframe as a freelance video essayist, and with it the opening of a sustained period of video-making for me. I began work on "Manufacturing Dreams," my first Fandor submission, on April 2, 2015, and last week I completed work on my most recent submission, which will make its official debut in three days. At first my pace was about one video a month, maybe even a little less (although I did revamp and upload my entire "32 Days of Movies" clip series to Vimeo around this time). But by late summer I had picked up the pace, supplementing my Fandor videos with (roughly) biweekly entries on my YouTube and Vimeo channels. I was also invited to participate in the Out 1 video project, offering my first opportunity for video essay collaboration. Meanwhile the audience for my "Journey Through Twin Peaks" videos was growing throughout this same period, making it truly the year of the video essay.

Aside from the anniversary, now is a good time to pause and reflect for several reasons. Due to a broken computer monitor (replacement arriving shortly) I haven't had a chance to get far ahead, so what you see in this lineup is not only what has been uploaded during this time, but what has been created, a situation I (hopefully) will not be in again as I build a backlog. The past two months have also been my busiest, catching up with a lot of postponed videos in February and jumping ahead to unveil more videos in March than I had in any previous month. I am also honored that in the coming weeks Kevin B. Lee will be screening "Learning to Look," one of my video essays, with an audience in Vienna as part of a presentation of his own work along with that of several other essayists. Finally, I am about to begin work on my most ambitious video project since "Journey Through Twin Peaks" so it's the perfect time to take stock of what's come in between. Here is the full list organized by category of approach, with title, subject, and all available direct links to the videos (for any accompanying written pieces see my tag "Video Essays"):



"Manufacturing Dreams" (Street of Crocodiles, dir. Quay brothers) on Vimeo

"The Medium & The Message: 7 Forms of Filmmaking" (States of UnBelonging, dir. Lynne Sachs) on Vimeo

"The 3 1/2 Minute Review of..."

(Neon Genesis Evangelion, cr. Hideaki Anno) on Vimeo & YouTube

(The End of Evangelion, dir. Hideaki Anno & Kazuya Tsurumaki) on Vimeo & YouTube

(Revenge of the Sith, dir. George Lucas) on Vimeo & YouTube

(The Dark Crystal, dir. Jim Henson & Frank Oz) on Vimeo & YouTube

Non-Narrated w/ Titles

Learning to Look (The Big City, dir. Satyajit Ray) on Vimeo


"Side by Side..."

(Neon Genesis Evangelion, cr. Hideaki Anno & Twin Peaks, cr. Mark Frost/David Lynch) on Vimeo & YouTube

(Dial M For Murder & Rear Window dir. Alfred Hitchcock) on Vimeo & YouTube

(The Asphalt Jungle, dir. John Huston & The Killing, dir. Stanley Kubrick) on Vimeo & YouTube

Non-Narrated Montage w/ Film Dialogue

"Come, Sweet Death" (The Phantom Carriage, dir. Victor Sjostrom & Wild Strawberries, dir. Ingmar Bergman) on Vimeo

"6 Years in America"(God's Country, dir. Louis Malle) on Vimeo

"Welcome to Hill Valley"(Back to the Future Parts I-III, dir. Robert Zemeckis) on Vimeo

"The Passion of Anna K." (all of Jean-Luc Godard's feature films starring Anna Karina) on Vimeo

"Meshes of Lynch"(Meshes of the Afternoon, dir. Maya Deren/Arthur Hammid & David Lynch's late work) on Vimeo

Non-Narrated Montage w/ Outside Music

"Symphony of the Devils" (Haxan, dir. Benjamin Christensen & Hellraiser, dir. Clive Barker & Hellbound: Hellraiser II, dir. Tony Randel w/ "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones) on Vimeo & YouTube

"Two and One"(Out 1, dir. Jacques Rivette/Suzanne Schiffman & Duelle, dir. Jacques Rivette w/ "Golden Hours" by Brian Eno) on Vimeo & YouTube


"Across the Threshold" (the films of Maya Deren & the quantum concepts of Arthur Eddington) on Vimeo & YouTube

"The Language of Birds" (collaboration w/ Covadonga G. Lahera) (Out 1, dir. Jacques Rivette & Suzanne Schiffman) on YouTube

"Oscar Blues" (Malcolm X, dir. Spike Lee & Gena Rowlands in Opening Night, dir. John Cassavetes & tribute to recent Honorary Oscars) on Vimeo & YouTube

"The Colors of Daisies" (Daisies, dir. Vera Chytilova) on Vimeo


("Idylls of the King" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson w/ clips from many films) on Vimeo & YouTube

("After great pain, a formal feeling comes..." by Emily Dickinson w/ Late Spring, dir. Yasujiro Ozu & clips from many other films) on Vimeo & YouTube

("The Stolen Heart" w/ Salo, dir. Pier Paolo Pasolini & Blue is the Warmest Color, dir. Abdellatif Kechiche & clips from a few other films) on Vimeo & YouTube


"Voyage into the Movies" (introducing "32 Days of Movies" video clip series) on Vimeo & YouTube

"Coming Attractions on Lost in the Movies" on YouTube

"5 from Fandor" on YouTube

"Announcement of video delay" (w/ stills from Twin Peaks & Neon Genesis Evangelion) on YouTube

I have also created a a video essay page including all of my previous work, which will be continuously updated as a permanent directory in the future.

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