Lost in the Movies: The Magic of the Film Clip (video preview for 32 Days of Movies)

The Magic of the Film Clip (video preview for 32 Days of Movies)

Or, technically, I guess the video clip...although most of my examples were originally shot on film. Anyone familiar with this blog may have run across my "32 Days of Movies" series before: I first posted it in 2011 and updated it last year on Vimeo. Now I've created a video introduction for both YouTube and Vimeo which explains the series' roots and invites viewers to visit. The intro also includes some fun montages and juxtapositions, so I hope you'll check it out even if you've already watched the series itself.

Relevant links, the Vimeo upload, and more updates follow the jump.

Introduction to the series:

Wonders in the Dark, the site where I first learned about many of the films...
- Allan Fish's decades countdown 
60 Years of Cinema in 40 Seconds, the montage from the series posted separately on YouTube

Obviously I'm a little late today, but from now on I'll definitely be back to the 7am (Pacific Time) on Monday schedule. I've just received word that several projects will be shared this week and between that and a lot of other videos I have in the works I'm already getting ahead of myself - which is good! Stay tuned to Fandor where I'll be pretty busy, and also look to Welcome to Twin Peaks where my guest post is now confirmed for this week.

Meanwhile, enjoy this brief tour through (some) film history - and if you like it, I hope you'll book the longer voyage.

Vimeo upload: 

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