Lost in the Movies: 1000 Posts on Lost in the Movies

1000 Posts on Lost in the Movies

This is my 1000th blog post! Well, sort of.

There are all kinds of asterisks I could append to that. At one point I had several blogs and was writing for other publications and when I consolidated everything on this, my original site, I left some stuff out. Mostly these were news/politics posts which no felt longer relevant a few months later; nonetheless, I have technically composed more than a thousand posts already. On the other hand, what does that number mean, really? Some of those posts were written very quickly in a few minutes, simple status updates to greet my readers in lieu of something more substantial, while others would take up twenty or thirty pages of print (or over an hour to watch) and required months of preparation. A few were actually written years before I had a blog, and then re-published here, and some were composed of quotations or essays by print authors whom I transcribed into online form - so they can't even properly be said to "belong" to that count in the same way. If someone wants to poke holes in this number there are plenty to be poked. Nonetheless, I'm delighted to hit this milestone and thought it was worth noting.

Not only is this the 1000th post to be published on Lost in the Movies, it was also the 1000th post to be completed - I'm actually talking to you from back in March, before writing some of the previous posts, and after writing some of the upcoming ones. Confused? Anyway, after realizing where I stood in the lineup, I felt it was worthwhile to mark both moments, despite having to wait for the published post to be relevant.

My very first post (on the Lumiere films and Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind, 113 years apart) was composed at a public library so it would have been appropriate to compose this at another library. In fact, I almost did, since at the time of writing I am without a computer/TV monitor (it blinked out on me unceremoniously but relatively conveniently right after I finished & secured a recent video piece). Awaiting the replacement, I was forced to catch up with post 999 in the library, but by the time I could reach #1000 the library was closed. So this is being written on my phone instead, a reflection of the passage of seven and a half years, I suppose? (Were there smart phones yet back then? I honestly can't recall, except that I certainly didn't have one. I do know that there were still numerous video rental stores, and that I rented my first blogging subject at one that has long since closed.)

With perplexing time-warped salutations out of the way, if you'd like to learn more about the history of this blog, check out my lengthy 5th anniversary commemoration. You can also leap back across the vast chasm to visit blog post #1 from way back in summer 2008, and of course the best ways to navigate these archives are my various directories, fully up-to-date as of this morning, for the first time in nine months...

Thanks for reading, viewing, and otherwise enjoying, and here's to 1000 more.

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