Lost in the Movies: My Fandor Video Essays Have a New Home

My Fandor Video Essays Have a New Home

Unfortunately, this past week Fandor Keyframe removed around a thousand video essays from their archive, including ten of my own (my most recent three remain). Yesterday and today I was able to upload all of the missing video essays to my own Vimeo channel. The Fandor videos remain locked in a "private" status, not deleted, so hopefully they will be restored someday. But the following uploads will remain regardless, so please watch, share, and bookmark these from now on (click on the title or the Vimeo insignia on the video to bookmark the source link).

Here are the videos, from newest to oldest. Learning to Look: Eye Contact in Satyajit Ray's THE BIG CITY is probably my favorite of the bunch, but I'm pleased with how all of them turned out.

update: Two of the videos - 6 Years in America and Learning to Look - have been restored to Fandor. Meanwhile, I have also uploaded all of these titles to my personal YouTube channel.

You can see all of my video essays in this directory.

I have fixed all the links in my directories and original posts so that from now on if you want to explore my video work you won't be stumbling into any broken links. If you have a platform that shares video essays, please update your readers not just about these, but also for the dozens of other video essayists who are doing the same for their own projects. I will hopefully be able share those channels too through a status update in a few weeks when the dust has settled and much of that great work has found new homes (or been reinstated - or both; things are confusing right now).

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