Lost in the Movies: The TWIN PEAKS Character Series will resume in late April/early May

The TWIN PEAKS Character Series will resume in late April/early May

I am frankly relieved to say that I couldn't get Albert Rosenfield's entry up on time today, and thus I'm pausing the Character Series until I've worked up a decent backlog, at which point I'll resume with the same end point in mind - May 19. Hopefully I can do this within a week, so that I can post one entry a day (including weekends at this point) and conclude on the Friday before the premiere. However, it may take longer (I want to be at least a week in advance when I publish again), in which case I would publish two entries a day. Regardless, the series will be finished before new Twin Peaks begins - it has a hard deadline. I was getting burnt out and probably allowed myself to slip up on this one, knowing that even if I get Albert up on time, another post - probably what was scheduled for Friday - would trip me up. I started this series with a decent backlog but didn't use my time in February and March as wisely as I could, and eventually it caught up with me.

The bad news for people enjoying these entries is that this has happened before, virtually every time I've set myself a schedule but didn't have the work finished ahead of time. The good news is I always end up completing these endeavors (well, except for that Cecil B. DeMille series from 2009...). The troubling news is it usually takes a while - my Favorites series began in 2012 and didn't end until I marathoned fifty-nine entries in 2016, for example. In this case, I don't feel I really have a choice to wait. The series must finish before the Showtime series throws all of our conceptions of these characters out of whack (which I expect it to do, and hope it will). So I still have to put my nose to the grindstone, but one ultimate destination is not the same as the consistent pressure of getting a piece up every weekday. I'm hopeful this break will give me the breathing room I need.

In the meantime, you can hold yourselves over with my vast backlog of Twin Peaks material, or hey, the other hundreds of posts that aren't Twin Peaks-related! My hope is that Albert will appear on Tuesday, April 25, with one entry a day for the next twenty-five days. If I can do that, he'll be proceeded by an announcement of the resumption on Sunday, and, on Monday, a cross-post of the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast episode in which I discussed my character series.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll return when I do. See you then.

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