Lost in the Movies: Lost in Twin Peaks #6: discussing the TWIN PEAKS Character Series w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped

Lost in Twin Peaks #6: discussing the TWIN PEAKS Character Series w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped

A few weeks ago, Twin Peaks Unwrapped ran an interview with me about my character series. This is a good time to share it, since the character series is temporarily paused (see yesterday's post) before resuming around May 10 to continue with about two entries a day until the new series premieres on May 21. Whether you're just discovering my work now or have been following the studies since they started running in January, this conversation can be a good reference point for some of my goals and methods and also (hopefully) what readers can take from it. Thanks as always to hosts Ben and Bryon for having me on, and sharing my work!

By the way we are in a bonanza period for Twin Peaks podcasts. The superb British Peakscast Diane... is covering Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, sharing an episode on Laura's part of the film this past weekend. Bickering Peaks has also announced their upcoming Fire Walk With Me panel, which will be recorded with a group of viewers who have varying levels of experience going into the film (some have never even seen the series). And one of the newer Twin Peaks podcasts, The Lodgers (whose two-episodes-at-a-time coverage has led me to break my "no more episodic coverage podcasts" rule), which is great at using both cinematic-aesthetic and social/political lenses, just reached the killer's reveal.

Meanwhile, a brand-new podcast has an episode coming up with a guest who discusses Fire Walk With Me as a rare film about a sex worker from her own point of view, the deeply insightful The Gifted and the Damned (who had a great episode on why Twin Peaks was cancelled) is going to hold a discussion on the flaws of Fire Walk With Me (they'll be debating some of the points in my videos - my feedback quill is sharpened and ready), and the Weird Fiction/Twin Peaks podcast Counter Esperanto just published a meditation on David Lynch's and HP Lovecraft's worldviews, and how those are reflected in their work. I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch of great stuff, because the Twin Peaks podcast world has exploded in the past few years.

It's a good time to be a Twin Peaks fan but, of course, that's an understatement given what's coming up in just over a month. Stay tuned (or just take the Unwrapped feed) for more cross-posts of my recent appearances on this podcast.

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