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TWIN PEAKS & David Lynch reading / viewing / listening on Lost in the Movies

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^ Top 25: My best work on Twin Peaks ^

With a week to go until Twin Peaks: The Return hits Showtime, and my character series on pause till the summer, it's a good time to round up some of my past work on the original 1990-91 series and 1992 feature film (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me). I will be writing about the premiere immediately after it airs next Sunday (as I will for every subsequent episode); until then, you can get your Twin Peaks fix with these pieces.

Narrated exploration of Twin Peaks' thematic path through clips and commentary - my most popular work on Twin Peaks (particularly the chapter "7 Facts About Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" which is my most popular online work, period)

Excerpts from 125 Peaks articles, essays, blog posts, etc. - the first half demonstrates how critics and journalists covered the series in the early nineties, the second half how scholars, fans, and other writers grappled with its legacy (especially Fire Walk With Me) over the following quarter-century

Narrated comparison of the very different yet oddly similar TV shows Twin Peaks and Neon Genesis Evangelion

In-depth interviews with stellar Twin Peaks authors Brad Dukes (Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks), John Thorne (Wrapped in Plastic magazine), Martha Nochimson (The Passion of David Lynch: Wild at Heart in Hollywood), Andy Burns (Wrapped in Plastic book), Andreas Halskov (TV Peaks), and Scott Ryan (Voyage to Twin Peaks)

Archive of 108 alt.tv.twin-peaks Usenet posts from the show's original run

This back-and-forth exchange with film critic Tony Dayoub, who was my first guide into Twin Peaks several years earlier, kicked off my renewed focus on Twin Peaks in 2014

 Ranking every episode from least favorite to favorite, with a short review of each one
(to date, this is my only complete coverage of each episode)

Since 2014, I've been a guest on Twin Peaks Unwrapped, Obnoxious & Anonymous, and Sparkwood & 21 to discuss the show and the film as well as various topics and other movies touching on them

Collection of various reactions to important narrative turning points in Twin Peaks, as fans remember their first viewings

Summaries of how Laura's character developed through the eyes of seven contributors

All of the moments from Twin Peaks where these characters intersect, organized into a visual line-up that tells its own story

A few days after watching the series, I saw the film for the first time and immediately wrote this review, in which I grapple with what troubled and impressed me about the movie (I've drawn different conclusions over time)

*The TWIN PEAKS Character Series (essay/multimedia)
Eighty-two characters get an in-depth individual entry, from least to most screentime
(*unfinished, which is why it's lower on the list; top 20 will be published in a month or two)

A double feature of Jacques Rivette's film about Joan of Arc and David Lynch's film about Laura Palmer reveals fascinating commonalities and divergences

Still images from my video essay, drawing out connections, contrasts, interpretations, and quotes in relation to Fire Walk With Me

Reviewing the deleted scenes collection from Fire Walk With Me upon its release, I discovered a new way of looking at series and film as part of a holistic work larger than both

After five and half years away from Twin Peaks, I published this visual tribute to the "killer's reveal" episode while rewatching the series

Covers season one, part of season two (through episode sixteen), and the finale - this was my first writing on the show, and while I don't stand by all of it, it's fun to see where it all began

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1990 pilot, I reflect not just on Twin Peaks' influence but the way it is still highly unusual in our contemporary TV landscape

Covering the Twin Peaks movie as part of a series on my 100 favorite films, I focused on the ways it works as a standalone piece of art rather than in the context of the series


Non-narrated examination of trauma and repression in David Lynch's first six features and Twin Peaks

Meshes of Lynch (video)
Non-narrated comparison of Maya Deren's 1943 experimental film Meshes of the Afternoon with Twin Peaks and four of David Lynch's late features

A massive retrospective, exploring every single Lynch feature, and as many short films, TV episodes, music videos, commercials, and visual experiments as possible

The evolution of Lynch's work, tracing transformations in three areas, with two subjects for each (Theme: "The Evil Inside" and "Losing Faith"; Narrative: "Abandoning Realism" and "Doubling and Dividing," and Form: "Lynch's Technique" and "Is There a Lynchian Style?")

In 2015, Lincoln Center screened seven double features pairing a David Lynch film with a Jacques Rivette film; I attended and reviewed all of the movies, discussing what each pairing showed about both directors

For a complete list of every blog post I've published on the show (and even blog posts on other subjects that reference Twin Peaks in a line or two) check out The Complete TWIN PEAKS Directory.

I'll see you again...in seven days.

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