Lost in the Movies: Last Words? - discussing The Final Dossier w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped (+ another status update)

Last Words? - discussing The Final Dossier w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped (+ another status update)

For the first time in two and half months - and perhaps the last time ever - I can provide fresh coverage of brand new Twin Peaks material. I bought The Final Dossier in the evening of October 31, braving Halloween traffic to pick up a copy ordered from a local bookstore. Late that night, ten minutes before midnight to be exact, I opened it up and began to read. When I finished it a mere two and half hours later - this was a stunningly quick read - I was wiser to this universe, and a year older (well, sort of; November 1 was my thirty-fourth birthday).

I found the book refreshing and shared some initial thoughts on Twitter, beginning with this tentative prediction: "I don't think we've seen the last of Twin Peaks." A week or two later, I recorded the following discussion with Twin Peaks Unwrapped, paired with an equally long conversation they held with John Thorne.

As for other plans...

In December, maybe (but probably) not November, look for the three remaining entries in my now-misleadingly titled "5 Weeks of Fire Walk With Me" series: a historical overview of production/reception, a tracing of season three's references to the film, and an assembly of different ways to view the film (including a horror context - I have several genre classics from Netflix right now, waiting to be viewed and compared). If I get to anything else in the remainder of the year, it will probably just be the posting of a video announcement for my YouTube channel, in which I let curious viewers know my plans for 2018 (mostly already detailed here).

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I've been laying the groundwork for my renewed character series since the week before the finale aired. Most of that groundwork is completed and soon all that will remain is to write the damn things (I even plan to illustrate and organize all the posts before I tackle the text, and am currently gathering dozens of pinpointed images from every episode for that purpose). I hope I can start tackling more video essays before the year's out too, and then finally initiate the Journey project mid-winter.

Right now, my tentative schedule is for the character series to start publishing five days a week in the last week of January, with new (non-Twin Peaks) videos releasing every Sunday throughout the spring. The Journey videos would pick up immediately after the character series concludes around May or June, dropping Part 5 all at once, and distributing Part 6 chapter-by-chapter, three times a week, until it has concluded. This will coincide roughly with the tenth anniversary of my site (which I plan to mark, beginning in March and ending just before the anniversary in July, with tweets and Tumblr posts moving chronologically through my archive by re-sharing ten posts a day from 2008 to 2018).

And then, though it may end up being too ambitious, I'd like to write a new movie review every night for a hundred days after the anniversary, as I did more or less when the blog began ten years ago (even during times when I was working extensively, I'd manage to squeeze it in so I'm hoping the same can be true again). In other words, if all goes according to plan, 2018 will be most prodigious year ever, surpassing that first year when I didn't blog for the first six months, but wrote so much afterwards that it hasn't been topped since. But that's all a long way away, and I have a lot of work to do in December and January if I'm going to be ready for that, so don't hold me to it!

Here's hoping I can mark the decade in style, though. Thanks for reading/listening/watching.

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