Lost in the Movies: Lost in the Movies on Patreon

Lost in the Movies on Patreon

After much deliberation and preparation, today I finally launched my Patreon account - the first real way for readers and viewers to support my online work since it began nearly a decade ago. You can visit the page for more details, but in summary: there are three basic tiers (as well as a couple advanced commission levels), offering early access to video essays, the ability to choose a topic for me to discuss in a new podcast, and sneak peeks of upcoming work, sometimes months in advance. Perhaps most notably, all levels will have access to the exclusive Patreon podcast, in which I update listeners on my work, share thoughts on a "Film in Focus" (first up will be The Last Jedi), reflect a bit on whatever Twin Peaks topic comes to mind, and offer a guided tour through my archives building up to the tenth anniversary of the site this summer. Within a few days, I will provide a teaser of the first podcast on YouTube.

Thanks to everyone who is interested in becoming a patron, but also of course to those who aren't (or can't) but have enjoyed or shared my work in the past and going forward. This is an exciting new step for me, and I hope you all get something out of it as well!

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