Lost in the Movies: FINAL WEEK - What will I watch? Until 4/1, 2nd tier patrons pick a film I'll cover on my podcast

FINAL WEEK - What will I watch? Until 4/1, 2nd tier patrons pick a film I'll cover on my podcast

From now through March 31, if you become a $5/month patron I will cover a film of your choice on my podcast this summer. To be clear, you don't have to remain at that tier over the following months to access this reward (I'll even email you the file of the episode when it's ready, if necessary); the only reason for the delay is that I'm currently committed to covering many other "Films in Focus" in the coming months. However, around late June/early July I will reach your selections. There will be additional rewards kicking in for April/May and onwards which I will determine over the next few days, so stay tuned for those as well.

For the past three months the "Select a Subject" commitment has been part of my reward structure on Patreon but as more patrons joined the second tier, I struggled to keep up with the workload. Hence I am phasing out this reward on April 1; before then anyone who joins the second tier (or decided to bump up from the first tier) will access the reward before it disappears. I've announced this on my Patreon page and will include that announcement, and other relevant information, in my update on this site tomorrow, but I figured the invitation was worth sharing on its own.

Of course, if you'd prefer to listen without making a selection, you're always welcome to join the first tier and receive immediate access to my weekly podcast episodes (a dozen and counting). There's a lot of new content coming up on both Patreon and this main site; keep your eyes on this spot in particular, because now that I've finished the first season of Breaking Bad, my next viewing diary kicks off this Sunday. I will be covering the first season of Mad Men.

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