Lost in the Movies: Viewing diary: first season of Mad Men begins tomorrow

Viewing diary: first season of Mad Men begins tomorrow

Hopefully you enjoyed my ride through the first season of Breaking Bad, from an episode I'd watched several times before to an episode I'd never seen before. My journey into Mad Men will take a similar route. For just under half the season, I was revisiting vaguely familiar ground (I watched these episodes back in 2014, so there was a lot I didn't remember). For the latter half this was new territory and so as the characters discover the first buds of the sixties zeitgeist blossoming around them, I am right there alongside them. In both cases, of course, I will not be revealing any spoilers - whether out of duty or ignorance.

The diary will halt, for now, with the end of this season but I'll keep watching Mad Men on my own, pausing to record my responses after each fresh episode and probably returning to unveil the whole series when I've finished them all. Even as I write this, I still have a few season one episodes to watch and write about over the next few days. I can say that so far I find Mad Men extremely watchable if at times a tad frustrating (the show, especially in the premiere, can lay on the "this was a different time, folks" nudges a bit too thick, yet admittedly this is the very hook drawing me in the first place).

I remember back in 2007 when the series premiered I was skeptical, but then I'd been skeptical of The Sopranos too, initially; whenever some hot, hyped cable breakthrough came along the contrarian in me would rear his head. But I was curious too especially when I learned the series would move through the decade alongside its characters. I'm looking forward to further indulging that curiosity - the results start appearing tomorrow.

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