Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #17: Twin Peaks season 2 & Séraphine (+ cartoon classics & more)

Patreon update #17: Twin Peaks season 2 & Séraphine (+ cartoon classics & more)

Originally I planned to review Before Sunrise this week but, after rewatching the film, I realized at the last minute that June 16 would make a more suitable date (at least for this site's cross-post; the episode will publish earlier in the week). A few months ago I had seen and reviewed Séraphine, a biopic about a French outsider artist from the early twentieth century so I was able to bump it up a week on the schedule without a problem. I also discuss the second season of Twin Peaks, attempting to view it both as the complicated, multi-part narrative it was and also as something with an overarching character of its own. This is a relatively quiet episode overall - there's no "Other Topics" section to speak of, and I've reserved most of the listener feedback for next week too. By the way, thank you to all patrons - I reached $100 this month! I hope you continue to enjoy the work I produce.

Line-up for Episode 17


WEEKLY UPDATE/recent posts: Kingdom series

WEEKLY UPDATE/Patreon: eliminating 3rd Tier

WEEKLY UPDATE/work in progress: interview w/ Cameron Cloutier (Twin Peaks fan film about Annie & research into Golden State Killer)


FILM IN FOCUS: Séraphine

OTHER TOPICS: A new approach

OPENING THE ARCHIVE: "The Watchlist Hits Toontown" (August - October 2013), this week's highlight: #WatchlistScreenCaps - Cartoon classic marathon


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