Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #25: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 7 (+ The Rolling Stones early albums & more)

Patreon update #25: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 7 (+ The Rolling Stones early albums & more)

Part 7 of Twin Peaks' third season is driven by investigation and discovery: Deputy Hawk and Sheriff Truman examine Laura's secret diary, Ben and Beverly go looking for the source of the magical Great Northern hum, Mr. C mysteriously blackmails a prison warden to plan his escape, and we finally get to know Diane - and come to realize all we don't yet know about her. Part 7 was one of my favorite episodes at the time it aired, although of course it would quickly be dwarfed by the follow-up (a very different episode). Elsewhere in this entry, I linger over the early discography of the Rolling Stones, from the American version of their cover-heavy rhythm and blues debut (England's Newest Hit Makers) to the fully-realized masterpiece they recorded nearly a decade later (Exile on Main Street). In between, they dabbled in raucous rock and roll, airy pop, and experimental psychedelia, before returning to their roots with renewed vigor and songwriting maturity. As I describe the various eras they experienced, I play short clips from many songs; in the show notes on Patreon, I've listed each one by timestamp, in case you're curious. As for Opening the Archive, I'm diving into the original character series - we're now almost a year away from the present, having traversed my entire back catalog up until my Return viewing diary last summer.

Film in Focus update...
For the first time, I have decided not to include a film in focus in a podcast episode. I've nearly completed the patron recommendations from March (the last month that second-tier patrons chose film topics as a reward) and I'm saving that last title for the next episode with some special guests. This week was going to be my first personal selection since The Last Jedi in the podcast premiere. Instead, I have decided to lighten my load a little bit. It's no secret that I've barely been able to keep up with the once-a-day schedule I imposed on myself back in March. This past week was particularly busy for offline reasons, so it was really the worst time to commit something I didn't have to do - and that's the thing; I didn't have to do the film in focus anymore. The point of this section was to give each episode an anchor beyond just site updates and stray thoughts on random topics. It was also a way to give back to the community that was supporting me, although eventually that commitment grew too unwieldy. Having adjusted my reward structure, and found a different anchor in the Return rewatch, the original impetus for this idea has ebbed.


As I shift more and more attention toward Twin Peaks in particular and TV in general, and as my engagement with contemporary cinema drops to an absolute nadir, I don't want to completely make over "Lost in the Movies" into "I've Lost the Movies"! I have plans for several different approaches to keep this side of my work active, from video essays to an year-by-year "famous films I haven't seen" series to random reviews for which I've already drawn a masterlist (including a lot of political titles, given my interests in recent years). Covering feature films on the podcast, whether every week or once or twice a month, is definitely part of this mission. So I do hope to bring the feature back eventually, somewhere between late July, when I'm back from a trip and my site anniversary celebrations are completed, or mid-September, when the Return rewatch concludes. I already know what I want that next film to be, but I'll keep it a mystery for now...

Line-up for Episode 25

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Taking a month off from Films in Focus


WEEKLY UPDATE/recent posts: X-Files series

The feel & structure of the episode
Twin Peaks - Cooper investigation/Jerry/Hit and run/Frank's family/Richard's father/Ben & Beverly/Beverly's marriage/Roadhouse/Jean-Michel/Double R franchise
FBI in South Dakota - Yankton/Buckhorn
Mr. C
Las Vegas - Dougie at work/Dougie at home/Dougie's debt/Assassination plot/Jade & the key (no Spirit World)
Character introdutions & re-introductions/screentime rankings/timeline of events
Coffee, pie & donuts 
Lodge lore 
Laura Palmer

OTHER TOPICS: The Rolling Stones early albums

OPENING THE ARCHIVE: "Characters Everywhere" (January - May 2017), this week's highlight: Hidden Characters of Twin Peaks


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