Lost in the Movies: Freed from comment limbo!

Freed from comment limbo!

I thought I was checking in on Disqus pretty regularly (certainly at least once or twice within the past few months), but apparently I wasn't so a dozen or so comments stretching back to the spring were hidden from view until now, waiting to be approved. There are so many in fact that I decided to devote a whole post to the ones that were lost in limbo (aside from any that were just questions in a thread), since they're being approved too late to appear on my sidebar. Is there a place, by the way, where readers can check out all of the various comments on my site on one page, not just limited to the individual pieces being commented upon? Like the same way my sidebar widget works, but without a numerical limit? Considering the variety of posts (some quite old) that receive comments, this seems like it would be a plus.

I promise to do a better job of keeping track of this going forward, and am delighted to see the responses I was getting unbeknownst to myself... (By the way, side note: I'm still working on the archive pages, and they should be up hopefully within a week if not a day or two.)

On the "Gender Bender" episode of The X-Files:

In response to a comment from Adam, co-host of the Diane... podcast:

In response to my review of The Mirror:

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