Lost in the Movies: Greetings from Twin Peaks (pictures & a small status update)

Greetings from Twin Peaks (pictures & a small status update)

Last week I had the exciting opportunity to travel to Snoqualmie, North Bend, and Fall City, Washington for the first time. My cousin and I visited the following locations: James' overlook, Ronette's bridge, the Twin Peaks sign area, the sheriff's station, the mill, the Double R Diner, the Great Northern and the waterfall, and the Roadhouse exterior (later, in Seattle, I was able to glimpse the Roadhouse interior). It was a great trip, with lots of photos and videos taken. Most of the videos will be saved for later use (as a complement to the way I ended the original Journey Through Twin Peaks videos, with still shots I found online), but here are a few pictures to commemorate the journey.

Tomorrow I will release the next podcast episode, a few hours before the first anniversary of Part 11 - a routine which will continue every Monday evening until the Return rewatch concludes. Later this week, I will post links to all my illustrated archive pages (I had to split them into years and chapters since it was way too much material for one page to handle); it's still possible, but unlikely, that I'll take a day-by-day approach and publish them as blog posts. Other than that, the only non-podcast content I have planned for August is several days of Medium Cool coverage to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, which features prominently in the film. But most of my work will take place behind the scenes.

After a very busy spring and early summer, I can resume focus on all the long-term projects I have in mind, with some goals but no particular hard deadlines looming over me. I'll keep everyone updated as the work progresses.

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