Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #27: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 9 (+ Bob Dylan's Pretty Saro music video & more) and description of Laura character study, pt. II

Patreon update #27: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 9 (+ Bob Dylan's Pretty Saro music video & more) and description of Laura character study, pt. II

This week's mellow, meditative episode pairs my analysis of the quiet Part 9, a surprisingly low-key return to Twin Peaks after the revolutionary Part 8, and my reflections on a Bob Dylan music video I discovered on Twitter a while ago. "Pretty Saro" was a Dylan cut so deep it never even appeared as a bootleg (it was recorded for, but excluded from, his 1970 album Self-Portrait). Created for a special release five years ago by the filmmaker Jennifer Lebeau, and tweeted again recently to celebrate the singer's seventy-seventh birthday (which is how I found it), the video uses many midcentury snapshots and home movies from the Library of Congress to paint a powerful portrait of a time just recent enough to feel like part of the collective memory, yet just old enough to feel like a dream that has mostly slipped away. I dissect the history of the song itself, the context of the recording, and the reasons why these images resonate. For reference (and the enjoyment of readers, including those who are not patrons), I've embedded the video beneath the following line-up. If you have comments or impressions you'd like to share, please do and I'll present them on the podcast. For whatever reason, this very random piece struck a chord with me and also gelled with a particularly subdued, vaguely melancholy Twin Peaks episode.

Finally, now that I'm cross-posting on Mondays, biweekly previews will be linked in odd-numbered Patreon updates going forward. This edition continues to outline how I'm approaching Laura's narrative in my future character study, in this case organizing scenes from the first season when she is either mentioned by other characters or present as a corpse or disembodied voice. As these outlines are longer than initially expected, the next preview should conclude this format (an overview of how I'm organizing Cooper's story will follow afterwards).


WEEKLY UPDATE/mostly Patreon: main site cross-posts now go up on Monday (brief X-Files/Wire mention, no work in progress)

The feel & structure of the episode
Twin Peaks - Cooper investigation/Hit and run/Jerry/Ben & Beverly/Beverly's marriage/Roadhouse/standalone scenes
FBI in South Dakota - Yankton/Buckhorn
Mr. C
Las Vegas - Dougie at work/Dougie at home/Assassination plot
Spirit World - Zone (mentioned)
Character introductions & re-introductions/screentime rankings/timeline of events
Coffee, pie, and donuts (and cigarettes!)
Lodge lore
Laura Palmer

OTHER TOPICS: Pretty Saro - Bob Dylan music video

OPENING THE ARCHIVE: "Podcasting for Patreon" (January - April 2018), this week's highlight: Patreon podcast, episode 11: Connecting Eraserhead & Inland Empire (+ Blue Velvet)


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