Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #28: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 10 (+ Chilean Revolution, my spring viewing diaries & more)

Patreon update #28: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Part 10 (+ Chilean Revolution, my spring viewing diaries & more)

As we take a break from films in focus the episodes are getting shorter again. This one is particularly slim, just over an hour, which suits its central subject: Part 10 was a surprisingly light "hour" that actually ran only about fifty-four minutes (excluding the longest musical number of the series, the nearly seven-minute "No Stars") . I mean "light" primarily in terms of runtime of course; while this episode does indulge the more comic side of the Mitchums, and effectively introduce the delightfully daffy Candie, Part 10 is a very dark affair - indulging in shocking violence, meditating on loss, grief, and trauma, and taking place largely at night. Suiting that mood, my "Other Topics" section uses a recent Revolutionary Left Radio podcast as a springboard to discuss the Chilean revolution of the early seventies, which ended in a brutal U.S.-backed coup. To close the episode, I finish my twenty-eight-part "Opening the Archive" series which has surveyed my work over ten years (in the future this section will focus on a single piece at a time, usually reading the full text of a written piece or playing the audio track from a video essays that work on those terms as well).

The catching-up of the Archive series to the present brings us to the reason that, for the second week in a row, the rewatch series is taking advantage of 2017's two-week break between Parts 9 and 10 to present an episode a week ahead of when it aired. (The break will be observed next week instead, so that when the rewatch resumes with Part 11 July 23 we will be in sync again.)

Of the many Return airdates whose first anniversaries I'm marking with this rewatch, Part 10's July 16 premiere feels like one of the more significant. After all, July 16, 1945 was the date of the Trinity atomic bomb test featured just a few weeks earlier on Twin Peaks itself. The 16th was also an anticipated date - albeit not quite as much as for previous two episodes - due to the title Showtime chose for this part: "Laura is the one." Would the core character of Twin Peaks, mostly absent so far, make a startling return appearance? (She did, sort of.) Additionally, the evening of July 16, 2017, provided a particularly memorable viewing for me personally because I was staying in a lodge deep in the California woods (staying with family as we attended the wedding of a cousin near Yosemite). Due to the episode's at slightly more graphic content than usual, I also had to shield the screen from passerby while attempting to tune in to camp's spotty wi-fi. On top of all that, by coincidence (or rather siblings who favor weddings at similar times) I will be in the Pacific Northwest again, for another cousin's wedding around the same time so of all episode anniversaries, this is the one I should be marking with the most celebration. Yet here we are a week early - what gives?

Well, July 16 is significant for me and my Twin Peaks enthusiasm for another reason: in one week this site, which was launched on July 16, 2008, turns ten years old. As such, I've reserved the following podcast episode for an exclusive celebration of a decade of Lost in the Movies. There will be Twin Peaks coverage on that episode, but it will be broader than an episode guide, exploring the show within the context of my own ongoing engagement with it over a long period. Twin Peaks may also apply to the next episode in a particularly special way...on the very date it premieres there's a good possibility I'll be in the real "Twin Peaks" locations; I am traveling up to Seattle from the California wedding to visit another cousin (I have a lot of cousins), a fellow Twin Peaks fan who moved to the area. With any luck, Episode 29 of the Patreon podcast will be topped with a picture of me at a spot in Snoqualmie or North Bend, Washington. That day trip will be planned more around his schedule than anything else, so it may follow a few days after the site's anniversary instead. but even so the mostly coincidental timing feels fortuitous.

Line-up for Episode 28


WEEKLY UPDATE/X-Files & Wire series (& discussion of viewing diaries)

The feel & structure of the episode
New York
Twin Peaks - Cooper investigation/Hit and run/Fat Trout/Becky/Jacoby/Jerry/Ben & Beverly/Roadhouse
FBI in South Dakota - Buckhorn
Las Vegas - Dougie at work/Dougie at home/Assassination/Mitchums
Character introductions & re-introductions/screentime rankings/timeline of events
Coffee, pie, and donuts
Lodge lore
Laura Palmer

OTHER TOPICS: Chilean Revolution (including podcast recommendation)

OPENING THE ARCHIVE: "Three Seasons to Close the Decade" (May - July 2018), this week's highlight: 10th Anniversary Archive Directory


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