Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #36: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Parts 17 & 18

Patreon update #36: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Parts 17 & 18

This was a long one. And indeed it still is, clocking in at two hours and forty-two minutes, just ten minutes shy of my record with the Part 14/Sorry to Bother You opus a few weeks ago. But that's after I shaved off an entire section (in which I read my 2015 review of The Wizard of Oz, which will have to wait for another week); originally, Episode 36 topped three hours and the file was so large that Patreon couldn't even upload it. As a result, this is my first podcast episode entirely focused on one topic. Even the intro, update, and outro sections have been excluded, let alone the film in focus, other topics, listener feedback, and opening the archive. Tonight, on the one-year anniversary of The Return's controversial, unforgettable two-part finale, we're going all in on Twin Peaks.

Because, in my rambling way, I tend to go off on particular tangents in the middle of broader topics, my line-up includes timecodes for individual "highlights," with a lot of emphasis on the character of Diane and the finale's relationship to Fire Walk With Me. Please share your own thoughts as well - when I come back on September 17 (after taking a much-neededed podcast break next week), I'll record a long feedback session to share everything I've been receiving. Meanwhile, this site will be quite active in the interim - I am publishing some of my older Twin Peaks commentary that's never been shared outside a couple forums before, featured in one big post this Wednesday followed by several dozen hourly posts next Monday and Tuesday. See you then; until then, enjoy the conclusion of my Return rewatch.

Episode 36: Twin Peaks season 3 rewatch - Parts 17 & 18

Line-up for Episode 36

This week consists entirely of TWIN PEAKS REFLECTIONS Return Rewatch Pts. 17 & 18

The feel & structure of the episode

Desert highway

Twin Peaks - Cooper investigation/Jerry/Chad in jail/Freddie/Laura in 1989/Sarah/Roadhouse 
*highlights: Diane's connection to Cooper, Lynch's foot in both worlds w/ FWWM footage, Cooper as a symbol of "positive" patriarchy, Sarah & the Laura portrait

FBI in South Dakota

Mr. C

Las Vegas - Dougie at work/Dougie at home/The search for Cooper/Assassination/Mitchums/Jade & the key

Spirit World - Zone Spiral/Purple World Tower/Convenience Store & Motel/Red Room 
*highlights: the flashback isn't a flashback/when does "Richard" emerge?/Leland & Cooper

The other side - Desert motel/Odessa & alternate Twin Peaks 
*highlights: Diane sees herself when Cooper's not there, the significance of Diane's departure & Cooper's Laura quest w/ reference to Martha Nochimson, meta-aspect of Pt. 18's alienation, the relationship of FWWM, Missing Pieces, and s3

Character introductions & re-introductions/screentime rankings/timeline of events

Coffee, pie, and donuts

Lodge lore

Laura Palmer

update 2022: When I made this a public episode, I wanted to use the same image I had originally used for this post, but didn't want it to top two different posts. So I added the one now seen above. This is the original image that topped this post:

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