Lost in the Movies: Patreon update #53: Upcoming Patreon approach & Video Essay Highlights on YouTube

Patreon update #53: Upcoming Patreon approach & Video Essay Highlights on YouTube

2019 begins quietly as I prepare some big podcasts for later in January. Yesterday, however, I offered a full list of what to expect in the near future - both as immediate content and as long-term changes to the reward structure. I'll link that Patreon post and also reprint its contents below; if you haven't become a patron yet but have been waiting for the new year, hopefully this gets you excited. I also decided to cross-post an illustrated excerpt from my 10th anniversary podcast episode on YouTube (it was already shared on Vimeo in September; the full episode was also illustrated back then). Since this coming year promises a return to video essays after a two-year gap, it's a good time to re-visit or discover my previous video essay work.

New patron rewards:

Become a $1/month patron for monthly episodes of the general podcast, biweekly previews of upcoming content, and weekly journals covering my progress on various projects

Become a $5/month patron for monthly episodes of my Twin Peaks rewatch podcast for seasons 1 and 2 (and the film) six months ahead of any other patron


Hope everyone's holiday season was fun! I've been out of town visiting friends this week so haven't had much opportunity to work on January's entries yet. But here's what you can expect going forward:
- New video intro explaining the set-up for the new year: keep an eye out and share with friends & followers if you think they'd like to become a patron
- Monthly Twin Peaks rewatch podcast begins for the 2nd tier ($5): the first episode (which I've already begun recording) will go up within a week or two, covering the Missing Pieces so that the pilot can be timed for the 30th anniversary of when Cooper arrived in town (February 24, 1989)
- Biweekly preview opens up to 1st tier ($1): a year after being created for the (no longer existent) $10/month tier, these previews will become available to all patrons equally, including all the old preview content from 2018 (a few of these previews have already been updated, and the majority will be waiting until early next week at the latest)
- Regular podcast episodes will be monthly now, but with an expanded format: From now on, every episode includes at least one Film in Focus (January will highlight an Ethan Hawke/Richard Linklater double header), while the Other Topics section will be separated out into longer individual Media (short comments on all film/TV/books I've experienced in the past month), Politics, and Single Subject sections (in January, the latter will be a deep dive into Kevin B. Lee's overview of video essay history), and Opening the Archive will re-visit my entire Favorites series, at 11 capsule reviews per episode
- In January, February, and March, the 1st-tier podcast will include lengthy conversations with John Thorne: In December, I recorded a conversation with the legendary Wrapped in Plastic founder; it ended up going so long (close to 3 hours) that I divided it up into three separate Twin Peaks Reflections sections, available to all patrons this winter
- Weekly journal entries to keep tabs on my activity (available to all patrons): Every Sunday or Monday, I will offer a quick Patreon blog post, a paragraph or two, on what I've been up to for the main site, what's upcoming in patron content, and/or what I'm thinking about/interested in more generally
Thanks for helping to make 2018 a great year for Lost in the Movies (the busiest ever in terms of individual posts). In addition to all of the above Patreon content, I am hoping to start publishing my Mad Men season 2 viewing diary on the main site soon (I'm about halfway through the season, and will wait until I'm done to begin sharing). And by the end of January, I will probably set up some sort of patron/amount goal - probably a bit over 100 patrons & $200 total if I'm not feeling more ambitious - which I'll use as an encouraging benchmark/incentive to begin an exclusive devotion to creating Journey Through Twin Peaks (as patrons, you're already contributing to this goal of course, but feel free to promote it with others who might be interested).
And of course if you're not a patron yet - this post is public for all to see - please take this as an invitation to join in! The rewards have just been updated.
There's a lot planned for 2019, and I hope you enjoy the journey.

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