Lost in the Movies: April 2019

Is Twin Peaks a dream? & much more ... April 2019 Patreon Podcasts: LOST IN TWIN PEAKS #3 - Season 1 Episode 3 and LOST IN THE MOVIES #54 - Cooper's dream or mediated reality? (bonus conversation w/ John Thorne + favorite films archive #67 - 57: The Apu Trilogy, Rear Window, Au Hasard Balthazar, The Best Years of Our Lives, 42nd Street, Barry Lyndon, Apocalypse Now, Civilisation, Dekalog, Annie Hall, Casablanca)

"We live inside a dream..." and with this episode the dream continues. I conducted a long interview with Twin Peaks scholar John Thorne last December but almost immediately after he dove into an extensive new analysis and hoped we could discuss this too. So a few weeks ago we talked again, this time focused mostly on his thesis that the third season of Twin Peaks is a "mediated reality" in which we view Cooper's vision of "real" events (though what's "real" is itself a sticky question). I've shared selections from this conversation publicly on YouTube, divided into the following topics: The Return as dream/mediated reality; the desire or necessity for a dream/mediated reality interpretation; the beginning and end of The Return and the end of Fire Walk With Me; and Cooper's interpretation as a "cover story."

Here are my Patreon podcasts this month, starting with the $5/month Twin Peaks rewatch in which I go episode by episode through the entire series. David Lynch returns to the show he kicked off and incorporates his alternate ending to the pilot, which I incorporate at length. There are also asides into the context of the time, including surrounding shows like an interview with Donald Trump's mistress and the quintessentially late eighties/early nights cop show Max Monroe (which must be seen to be believed). This is one of my longest episodes for season one, as the "uncanny" truly begins to blossom in the small Northwestern town.

Besides an additional hour of conversation with John Thorne (the whole section runs for over eighty minutes), I continue my "Favorites" reading series with classics from Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Coppola among others; updates, podcast recommendations, and listener feedback will be saved for next month as this episode was already quite long without them.

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