Lost in the Movies: Why publish viewing diary directories now?

Why publish viewing diary directories now?

My imminent site re-design - currently scheduled to debut on September 1 - makes this a good time to consolidate my TV coverage. Since one of the main highlights on the new home page will be "TV Viewing Diaries" I need round-up posts for the episodes that haven't been gathered in one place yet. Over the coming week (aside from my monthly Patreon update on Monday) I will publish round-ups for six diaries. This includes the four first seasons I covered last year: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The X-Files, and The Wire. I will also make a new, simpler directory for The Prisoner (since the old one was wrapped up with a lengthy introduction to the series) and finally place all my True Detective line-ups together in one place. When the new site launches, there will be one TV Viewing Diary hub page that links to all of these posts, making it much easier to explore my content on all of these shows (including those I previously created directories for).

I don't currently have any plans to resume viewing diaries in the fall but if my Journey project isn't ready in November I may publish a couple seasons of Mad Men responses, already written over the past year. If it needs to be said, please feel free to comment on the posts for all of these shows either as a long-time or first-time viewer (all except Evangelion are spoiler-free so they are designed to accompany other initial explorations).

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