Lost in the Movies: Welcome to the new Lost in the Movies

Welcome to the new Lost in the Movies

Today, as you must have noticed, I remade Lost in the Movies. This change has been a long time coming with particular thanks to Andrew Kersten, Conor O'Brien, and Tyer MacDonald, among others - patrons who offered very helpful advice for a new design since this past winter. Having heard from a number of readers that my site was difficult to navigate, I've finally shifted away from the long-frustrating blog format on my homepage (even though Blogger remains my platform).

Those who still prefer to take a "what's new" approach can explore this blogroll format but it seems most people prefer clear, clean direction to the subjects they're looking for, with options for further exploration presented visually and straightforwardly. From now on the home page will represent this, as will the new directories I've created to collect my work. I should also note this is still, in a sense, a work in progress - there will probably be kinks to smooth out and tweaks to continue making.

So go ahead and dive in! Hopefully you'll be able to dig up material that was hidden away under the old approach. Please feel free to comment under old pieces; I've even removed dates from the tops of posts (although they're still nested near the bottom) to encourage a sense of timelessness and make it all that much easier to get lost in the movies.

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