Lost in the Movies: Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Season 2 Madness (w/ Sam Iswitt)

Twin Peaks Unwrapped - Season 2 Madness (w/ Sam Iswitt)

A month and a half ago, the sprawling field of Democratic candidates - which has of course been winnowed down since (I'm writing this back in October, so forgive me my optimism) - gathered on a stage in Ohio. On that very night, an important debate was held and in this debate, crucial questions for our time were fervently contested. What is the best episode of the mid-season two slump? Are some of those episodes hidden gems? Is the Miss Twin Peaks contest a charming delight or one of the darkest moments before the Lynchian dawn?

Now the podcast episode recorded that evening is finally available! For months, I eagerly anticipated this "Madness" session (a follow-up to the Lynch film and season one contests where we chose the "best" entry through a bracket system). This was the discussion I was most excited to have in large part because I thought it would be great fun to compare and contrast those strange, how-did-this-happen? chapters of Twin Peaks' much maligned season two. But of course there are also genuinely spectacular moments to assess and analyze as well - some of the most powerful presentations in TV history. Joining myself and the Unwrapped hosts for this discussion is Twin Peaks Reddit moderator Sam Iswitt, whose rare, genuine love for the season's back half spiced things up. Though recorded earlier in the fall, the podcast was saved until now to help kick off the hosts' round-table rewatch of the second season: let this serve as a refresher and reminder for the episodes to come. So settle in for the long, winding road and then let us know - what are your rankings?

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