Lost in the Movies: JOURNEY THROUGH TWIN PEAKS: The Return (video)


MOST CURRENT UPDATE (7/12): After seven weeks of copyright dispute, including a long period during which the video was blocked, it's back up on YouTube.

For the third anniversary of the season three premiere, May 21, I've long planned to unveil my first video essay dealing directly with the Showtime series. This is to be a survey of "The Return"'s narrative chronologically, dealing more with the overall shape and viewer perceptions than the details of the plot (which would be saved for the thematically or geographically organized chapters of the forthcoming Part 6). The form this video itself takes, however, remains an open question: as I script the narration right now I'm realizing just how long this chapter could be - far too long for a single YouTube upload (even though I originally intended it to be my longest of those). I may have to turn this one "chapter" into an entire "Part," releasing each of the "mini-chapters" separately as, well, actual full-fledged chapters - in this case, only the section covering the two-hour premiere would go up tomorrow - this would also be helpful if I end up getting as bogged down in the editing process as I have in the scripting, since there would be less material to put together before the deadline. Or I'll stick to the original plan by cutting my narration way down, streamlining the presentation into a much more rapid take on the full season. The process has become so complicated that I even forgot to publish this update in time; for once, my ritualistic Wednesday site post is a half-hour late! Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow in some capacity so stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you missed them, you can check out my recent trilogy of chapters on the evolution of the Lynch aesthetic and particularly the "Mary Sweeney years" in which the director's and editor's collaboration coincided with a radical shift in style.

UPDATE (6/12) - While the video was blocked on YouTube, I cross-posted it to Vimeo, which I usually reserve for full parts rather than individual chapters:

UPDATE (5/27) - To make sure subscribers were aware that the video had gone up, I shared this video:

And this announcement video, with excerpts and an explanation, was posted when the chapter was initially withheld on Sunday. If you have any trouble viewing the full video over the next few weeks, you can see clips here:

I also published an earlier excerpt/teaser, with just the Parts 1 & 2 section, on the May 21 deadline when the rest of the chapter was not ready. This was deleted a few days later when I uploaded the full video.

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