Lost in the Movies: Launching a public podcast - introductory episode

Launching a public podcast - introductory episode

Update: The podcast is now available on iTunes. Please rate/review here if you've enjoyed my previous audio work - it helps others find it!

Yesterday I finally created a public podcast. Throughout 2020 it will open up episodes created for my Patreon show of two and a half years, with an emphasis on Ethan Hawke vehicles (beginning with the Before series and ending with First Reformed around his fiftieth birthday in November). I also plan to release a few preliminary episodes of "Left of the Movies" (covering political cinema) and "Twin Peaks Cinema" (connecting Twin Peaks to various films) - eventually to be spun off with their own feeds - before the year is out. I discuss all of this and more in my short introductory episode. I don't have an embeddable version of the podcast yet (most of the platforms are still processing my submission), but it's available on the hosting site Pinecast as well as the Spotify directory if you click on the following links:

(or Spotify)

When a player is available I will embed the episode here. From now, on my monthly podcast updates/cross-posts will include not only my Patreon episodes but also my public ones. When it's up on iTunes, please consider downloading, rating, and reviewing so that others will be exposed to it as well!

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