Lost in the Movies: Mark Frost's Storyville (TWIN PEAKS CINEMA podcast #2/LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #11)

Mark Frost's Storyville (TWIN PEAKS CINEMA podcast #2/LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #11)

I originally planned to conclude my Ethan Hawke retrospective this week with a podcast on First Reformed. However, I've decided to postpone this until mid-December (it will be the next episode, in two weeks) because the timing of my upcoming video essay on Mark Frost provided a better tie-in for this moment. Storyville is a political thriller set in New Orleans and depicting the young scion of a grand political dynasty whose troubled Congressional campaign leads him into murder, blackmail, sexual trafficking, corruption, and his own dark family history. Starring James Spader, Joanne Whalley-Killmer, Jason Robards, Charles Haid, Michael Warren, and Twin Peaks alumni like Piper Laurie and Michael Parks, this was Frost's first - and only - cinematic feature film as a director and it's an absorbing tale that never got its due at the time due to behind-the-scenes shenanigans. As the second entry in my public "Twin Peaks Cinema" series (the first covered four films by Peaks episode directors), this episode discusses Storyville's relationship to the show Frost created, from characters to storylines to cast and crew to its role in Frost's own career trajectory. That last topic, by the way, will be explored visually as well as aurally within the next week or two so stay tuned. The final "missing" chapter of Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 5 is underway right now.

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