Lost in the Movies: A TWIN PEAKS Character Series announcement & a clip from Journey Through Twin Peaks (status update)

A TWIN PEAKS Character Series announcement & a clip from Journey Through Twin Peaks (status update)

Just a few days ago I discovered that a draft post had accidentally been published on this site. It announced, in great detail, the debut of a Revised TWIN PEAKS Character Series, laying out a schedule for 2021 and promising that the entire project - with entries on every major and many minor Peaks characters - was already complete and would go up on a guaranteed schedule throughout the year.


This post was actually written several years ago and was never intended to be made public since the project it announced won't be ready until at least 2022. I'd simply scheduled it long ago and forgotten to revert to draft mode after deciding to put the work on hold. I apologize for this embarrassing confusion, especially given how confident the proclamations in the introduction were. While I never promoted the post (either on social media or on the front page or "blogroll" page of this site), it still garnered dozens of views, which means there are probably a handful of confused readers out there who were anticipating further material which never arrived (although I think another post or two may have gone up for a short period as well, even before I fixed the introductory piece which was up for the longest).

The good news is I'm almost exclusively focusing on my Mark Frost video essay at the moment, and it should finally be ready in a week or two. I won't predict this with full certainty (I originally thought the whole thing would take about a week, and it's dragged out over two months), but there isn't a whole lot left to do on this, the most ambitious and time-consuming standalone video I've ever assembled. Due to the wealth of source material and the need to illustrate nonvisual texts, it's been challenging on many different fronts - I look forward to finally sharing it with all of you. For now, here's a preview. This two-minute clip explores some of Frost's novels, highlighting how they relate to Twin Peaks. Next week I'll have my regularly scheduled public podcast up. I'm hoping that the new Journey chapter will be ready the week after that. Stay tuned.

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