Lost in the Movies: Holy Motors (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #22)

Holy Motors (LOST IN THE MOVIES podcast #22)

I am frequently fascinated by films which exist not only as a sustained piece of storytelling but also, at times, an anthology of vignettes. Holy Motors fits the latter description more than the former, with its..."story"?...of a man traveling through a series of immersive performances. He's not quite an actor in the conventional sense (there is no in-world stage or camera, or audience for that matter, and some of his actions - including violent outbursts - are presented as if they are happening in "reality"). Yet this is certainly, among other things, a film about acting. It can also be seen as a meditation on changes in cinema and a reflection of the twenty-first century gig economy, subjects I tease out more in this podcast. Not having seen any other Leos Carax films, I had nothing in his filmography to compare this to but if you are familiar with his work, please share your own thoughts on Holy Motors - I'd love to read them in upcoming feedback.

Incidentally, this was the last work I completed before officially beginning my new 2021-22 "Path through JOURNEY THROUGH TWIN PEAKS" schedule two days ago. You can read and/or watch more about that in the links below...

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