Lost in the Movies: Summer 2021: status update

Summer 2021: status update

With so much going on across several different platforms, from now on I'll be sharing a status update on the first Friday of every season to catch readers up. I already offer a mini-version of this at the outset of every public podcast (as well as some behind-the-scenes activity on Patreon), but this approach will also allow a more birds' eye view every now and then. As summer kicks off, I've finally got some breathing room on the Path back to JOURNEY THROUGH TWIN PEAKS schedule I introduced in May. For weeks, I struggled to keep up with video and podcast deadlines, resulting ultimately in the completion of my Lost in Twin Peaks Patreon podcast on the original series (with a three-part, six-hour episode on the season two finale) and my first "Mirrors of Kane" video essay in years (on the Thatcher sequences) just in time for the eightieth anniversary of Citizen Kane. Now I'm able to focus on wrapping up my Mad Men viewing diary by covering seasons six and seven, even though those entries won't appear on this site until this autumn and next year, respectively; right now, I've just begun publishing season five.

That season of Mad Men will continue publishing every Monday over the summer months, alongside public podcasts every other Wednesday (although I'm taking the Fourth of July week off before initiating a third season). Discussions will include The Social Network, Eyes Wide Shut, High and Low, Blade Runner 2049, films by Twin Peaks episode directors/writers, and the connections between David Lynch's first and last film. On Patreon, my main podcast (for the $1/month tier) will be covering The Big Sleep, The Vanishing, Bigger Than Life, and Eraserhead as "Twin Peaks Cinema." The final entry of Lost in Twin Peaks will debut for $5/month patrons when I take an August deep dive on Fire Walk With Me, which will surely be my longest episode(s) yet, but even before then I'll offer a July bonus episode talking with the hosts of Twin Peaks Unwrapped, the podcast that just closed the curtain after six years; (I appeared on their recent "Ultimate Lynch Madness" episode to help choose the greatest Lynch work of all time). Meanwhile, on Twitter I will continue what I began this spring, posting images every day under #LostInTheMoviesImageToday and #JourneyPeaksImageOfTheDay and two video clips every week (one on Twin Peaks, one on other films).

Having finished Part 5 this winter, Journey Through Twin Peaks is mostly on pause (the point of the "path" is to build up enough of a backlog where I can work on it freely, uninterrupted by other ongoing deadlines). However, I have been uploading excerpts from "The Return" video, mini-chapters if you will, on the fourth anniversary of the most episodes covered within each. I've updated that original cross-post to reflect these, but otherwise the videos have not been shared on this site so I'll embed them here:

I tried to upload both Part 8 videos this morning, and both were automatically blocked which is frustrating given that CBS has already monetized tons of my content (after approving it in 2014) and these clips have been online in other forms for over a year. Hopefully, the dispute is resolved quickly - I protested on fair use grounds - but I've now set those videos to premiere on two other anniversaries: July 16 at 5:30 am (the seventy-sixth anniversary of the atomic Trinity test featured in one of the sections) and August 5 at 8:00 pm (the sixtieth anniversary of the fictional Woodsman attack on that New Mexico town, featured in the other section). You can set a reminder or bookmark on the landing pages for The Fire and the Fireman and A Darkness in the Desert.

Finally, I should mention that I recently re-published my 2019 review of the documentary The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (about the U.S.-backed coup to overthrow Venezuelan president Hugh Chavez almost two decades ago) on Wonders in the Dark as part of the Fifth Annual Allan Fish Online Film Festival. You can read it here:

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