Lost in the Movies: Vertigo as TWIN PEAKS CINEMA #7 (podcast)

Vertigo as TWIN PEAKS CINEMA #7 (podcast)

Continuing the "What's in a name?" theme, Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo shares at least three names with Twin Peaks, two intentional, one possibly coincidental yet the most intriguing of all: Madeleine, Ferguson, and Judy. However, names are the least of the connections here - Vertigo's links to the original series, Fire Walk With Me, and especially season three are so rich, deep, and compelling that this is probably the longest Twin Peaks Cinema episode I'll ever release (at least outside of comparisons to David Lynch's own films). In fact Vertigo resembles a prism that you can hold up to Twin Peaks - and vice versa - at different angles to produce different results. The dogged, obsessive detective attempting to dominate a young woman; the haunting presence of a beautiful, mistreated beauty whose influence extends beyond the grave; the loyal, neglected ally whose admiration eventually shades into exasperation; the hallucinatory spirals; the looming trees; the enigmatic portrait; the long drives into the night...even as I write out these motifs out I'm realizing there are others I may have missed in an episode two or three times longer than usual. I'm particularly struck by how enmeshed this film already seemed to be with Twin Peaks prior to 2017...and yet the new season goes so much further with these allusions that at times - particularly in the final episode - it seems almost like an abstracted remake.

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