Lost in the Movies: Twin Peaks Unwrapped - A Very Ronnie Rocket Holiday Special (w/ John Thorne)

Twin Peaks Unwrapped - A Very Ronnie Rocket Holiday Special (w/ John Thorne)

(left: Tobias Olearczuk, right: Fro Design Company)

Although Twin Peaks Unwrapped closed its curtains this spring, the podcast did tease upcoming specials in the future. Here's the first one, and I'm happy to play a part - having covered so many of the films and other projects that Lynch actually made, they're setting their sights on one that he never got to. The screenplay Ronnie Rocket is the bizarre (even for Lynch) tale of the Frankenstein-like project to remake a hospitalized man as an electrified, only quasi-verbal teenager; meanwhile, in an apparently separate storyline that starts at the same place, a detective journeys to the heart of a dark city to battle an evil foe. We note the many connections to Twin Peaks and to Lynch's later films given the dualities (there aren't only two stories within the script, but two different versions of the script authored years apart). And we ask if we - and Lynch - are better off because Ronnie Rocket never got produced...

This discussion is embedded within a larger Christmas special format, MC'd as always by Scott Ryan (whom I just interviewed about his upcoming Fire Walk With Me book on my Twin Peaks Conversations podcast). Meanwhile, Unwrapped hosts Ben and Bryon have recruited a stable of "Unseen Players" to actually perform many passages - the closest we may ever get to seeing (or rather hearing) Ronnie Rocket for real.

update - Part 2 is available as of December 27:

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