Lost in the Movies: TWIN PEAKS Character Series previews begin on Patreon

TWIN PEAKS Character Series previews begin on Patreon

Update June 2022: As the public debut was postponed, these patron advances will now be published three times a month rather than every week.

My TWIN PEAKS Character Series (which paused short of the twenty most prominent characters in the spring of 2017) will reboot on this site on May 23. Entries will be expanded and new ones will be added to incorporate the season three ensemble as well as fresh material for old characters. And I'm adding a new perk for patrons too: every week on Patreon I'll publish a round-up of these entries a month ahead of time. Right now, that includes the lengthy, detailed introduction to the series and its approach; screenshots of extremely minor characters; and short capsules on dozens and dozens of slightly more significant individuals...

If you tried to access them last weekend and ran into trouble please note that the blog settings have been fixed and all of the material should now be open to patrons. I won't be cross-posting preview entries on here going forward (since these private posts will delete as soon as they've been made public, sharing them would quickly become redundant in the archive). However, in every public character entry I'll include reminders, links, and whatever number I'm up to on Patreon.

Hope you enjoy the series, and consider becoming a patron if you want to leap ahead and explore upcoming entries ahead of time!

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