Lost in the Movies: *Links to TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus entries #1-21

*Links to TWIN PEAKS Character Series Bonus entries #1-21

Visit the TWIN PEAKS Character Series directory for all entries as they are published or re-introduced.

When kicking off the character series in 2017, I wrote full-length entries on twenty-one characters who wouldn't make the cut anymore; in fact, some would be slotted to a line or two in the "minor characters" line-up from a few days ago. These are characters who speak in at least three scenes (my old rule for inclusion), but whose screentime is less than ten minutes (my new rule for inclusion). Fortunately for these folks, they are essentially grandfathered into the new character series as "bonus" entries; however brief their appearances, they got the full treatment back then and I can't take that away now. What follows are links to all of these less-than-ten characters, a pure dip into the waters of seasons one and two (and Fire Walk With Me) before we plunge over the waterfall into season three - including, after these twenty-one entries, a few revised bonus entries updated to reflect those characters' roles in The Return.

Here are the unchanged ones:

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