Lost in the Movies: *Link to Andrew Packard (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #69)

*Link to Andrew Packard (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #69)

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The previous entry argued for Carl Rodd as the stoic soul of twenty-first century Twin Peaks while today's entry presents the town's twentieth century public face. If Carl preserves deep integrity beneath his weary facade, the esteemed patriarch Andrew Packard rots within from petty greed and personal vengeance. Unrevised since its original 2017 writing, thanks to Andrew's explosive death in the original series, this study provides a great opportunity to dig into Twin Peaks' socioeconomic complexities. Introduced offscreen as an already deceased local legend in the pilot, Andrew's surprise appearance halfway through the second season reveals him to be both a charmer and something of a villain. At one point in the "Impressions of TWIN PEAKS" section, it's even noted that his trajectory could be taken as a microcosm of the neoliberal turn amongst the American elite, away from any lingering sense of noblesse oblige toward the singleminded pursuit of financial gamesmanship at the expense of the communities they claimed to lead.

(*update 11am: the link has now been fixed)

The following entry will flip this script, featuring characters who are only in season three. Their personal mannerisms place them very far from Andrew's world, though their criminal activity suggests they have more in common with him than meets the eye...

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