Lost in the Movies: *Link to Black Rose "Blackie" O'Reilly (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #72)

*Link to Black Rose "Blackie" O'Reilly (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #72)

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By sheer coincidence, today's entry covers the third character in a row whose name begins with "B" and ends with a vowel. There the similarities end, at least between Blackie and Betty; like Becky, Blackie has issues with drugs and the men in her life but the older character weaves webs as well as getting caught in them: she's a malicious power player within the community. Blackie of course died way back in season two, so there was no need to update her entry. The actress' offscreen trajectory, incidentally, remains a mystery as much as in 2017 when I wrote this piece. A quick Google reveals an interview with Galyn Görg, who played Nancy O'Reilly, yielding only this cryptic exchange: the interviewer notes, "Victoria Catlin, who plays your sister, is someone I haven't been able to find much about since Twin Peaks," and Görg simply responds, "Yeah."

The entry after this will catch up with a character whose performer not only kept busy but showed up again in season three, however briefly...

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