Lost in the Movies: *Links to Jean Renault // Mayor Dwayne Milford // Lana Budding Milford (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #58 // #57 // #56)

*Links to Jean Renault // Mayor Dwayne Milford // Lana Budding Milford (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #58 // #57 // #56)

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Canadian drug lord Jean Renault, Twin Peaks' distracted Mayor Milford, and the Mayor's sister-in-law-turned-girlfriend Lana are all characters anchored in the show's troubled mid-season two episodes although the Mayor is introduced in the pilot, Jean shows up early in season two, and the Mayor/Lana romance extends into that season's final stretch. None of course appear in The Return which is why I've left their entries from early 2017 intact and available below. (One key update to the bio of Michael Parks, who played Jean Renault: he passed away mere months after the piece was published.) Despite their absence from the third season, Lana at least does make an appearance in Mark Frost's post-Return novel The Final Dossier. I chose not to revise my old study because the material mostly overlaps with what Frost already wrote about her in The Secret History of Twin Peaks (including an expanded passage on her relationship to Donald Trump, who remains unnamed but even more clearly identified). The main difference is that this time Frost clarifies The Secret History's assertion that Lana won Miss Twin Peaks - apparently she was awarded the title when the comatose Annie could not perform her duties - and traces further romantic adventures up to another marriage that lasted until the husband - also wealthy and aged - died in 2008.

Monday's subject, on the other hand, will have no such upward trajectory. She'll be one of the more unusual entries on this list, since most viewers would probably identify her as another character altogether, but more on that then...

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