Lost in the Movies: Status update: To Sleep With Anger on Wonders in the Dark + catching up w/ conversations & more

Status update: To Sleep With Anger on Wonders in the Dark + catching up w/ conversations & more

In the "Allan Fish Online Film Festival", I contributed a review I wrote for my own site several years ago. Charles Burnett's early nineties film To Sleep With Anger features a dazzling performance by Danny Glover as a Southern trickster re-located to Los Angeles where he can wreak havoc on the family of an old friend. I may have erred in choosing it for the festival, since the conditions encourage free online availability and To Sleep With Anger is not yet open to the public. Fortunately, however, it's scheduled to pop up on Tubi - hopefully without cost - just five days from now, so stay tuned. For now, you can read my thoughts on this unique clash of cultures on the website Wonders in the Dark (where its curator Sam Juliano has also offered a pitch-perfect tribute to the late Fish himself, alongside a survey of the recent Sight & Sound list):

Meanwhile, I've been slowly making progress on my much-belated Patreon rewards and bonuses. I recorded Twin Peaks Conversations episodes with Mat Olson and Ashley Brandt, the hosts of the podcast Twin Peaks Peeks, as well as repeat guest Scott Ryan, on his new Lost Highway book. (Plus, I spoke to John Thorne for the third time on this podcast, though the episode will wait until we record a follow-up in several months.) I also finally recorded my responses to the five most acclaimed films of the 2010s that I hadn't seen before (Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Toni Erdmann, The Turin Horse, Amour, and Moonlight) and a sixth (The Act of Killing) elevated when the list was updated earlier this year. I haven't made much progress on Lost in Twin Peaks since the last update - and none on the character series - and while I hoped to have broken ground on new Journey Through Twin Peaks videos by now, that goal remains just over the horizon.

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