Lost in the Movies: *Link to Dick Tremayne (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #38)

*Link to Dick Tremayne (TWIN PEAKS Character Series #38)

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As we climb the rankings in terms of screentime, fewer and fewer characters remain who only appear in the original series. There are quite a few others in the thirties, but most of them play a more central role in the narrative than does the foppish comic relief of Dick Tremayne (despite inadvertently triggering two of the most crucial plot developments - Bob's exit from Leland and Windom's kidnapping of Annie). He has no interactions with Cooper or Laura, existing in his own bubble off to the side which can make him exasperating, endearing, or a fascinating curiosity depending on one's sensibilities. At the same time, he becomes quite the busybody around the community. The following entry was written early in 2017 and has no reason to be revised after The Return. However, at the end of the piece I do mention the possibility that we'd meet Dick's son while noting that Michael Cera (whom most correctly suspected had been cast as Lucy's offspring) seemed a likelier fit for Andy. Maybe so, but many viewers did find themselves wondering about Dick given Wally Brando's self-important soliloquies and absurd fashion sense. Perhaps Mr. Tremayne played an indirect part in the third season after all?

On Friday, we'll double up with a pair of characters best taken as a single unit - like Dick, they seem to arrive from a world far away from Twin Peaks' mystical core; unlike him, they have extensive interactions with our FBI agent protagonist, even if they know him by a different persona.

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