Lost in the Movies: Final Plan to reach & complete Journey Through Twin Peaks (keeping track)

Final Plan to reach & complete Journey Through Twin Peaks (keeping track)

A list of ongoing work
updated daily with the latest progress (in red)

Begins on November 22, 2023
Last update: June 13, 2024

(focusing on Twin Peaks Characters & June Patreon)

Completed 12 of probably 83* steps
including 7 upcoming public entries that have been previewed on Patreon
(+ additional 7 from before November 22)
& not including monthly $5/month tier rewards/bonuses
*initially 73 steps, latest added on April 1

When I concluded my public film writing and podcasts in October 2023, I decided it was time to re-present the consistently-updated list of priority projects which I'd used to track my progress for two years. The steps (or obstacles) to resuming my Journey Through Twin Peaks video series have been simplified and streamlined, limited mostly to two other big Twin Peaks projects - the Lost in Twin Peaks public podcast and the TWIN PEAKS Character Series. From this point forward, the only regular monthly distraction will be my exclusive $5/month tier rewards (the $1/month rewards are simply advance entries from the character series). I am debating working on two other video projects before Journey, partly as a warm-up, and will definitely have a handful of Twin Peaks conversations both on my own platform and on others'. You can also hear more about my publication schedule in this video (embedded at the end of this post as well) and follow my progress in a new Twitter thread.

Here are the projects in rough order of priority (although I will work on several simultaneously), with further details and the most up-to-date information on each...

1) concluding Lost in Twin Peaks public podcast
PAUSED on Mystery/Cooper/Subplots in illustrated companions
(a week on each episode w/ an illustrated companion)

Focus on: illustrated companions: finish all remaining "Mystery"/"Cooper" (B) + "Subplots" (D) sections up to S2E9
Next work: illustrated companions: all remaining "Laura"/"Older Subplots" (C) sections

finished 1 of 23 remaining weeks...
(0 of 22 remaining illustrated companions
including 0 of 6 remaining sections across all episodes
+ 1 of 23 multi-part episodes)

Complete but unpublished*: all "A" sections ("Welcome") for illustrated companions
(*aside from last-minute updates - nothing today)

2) concluding TWIN PEAKS Character Series
followed by all remaining Offscreen/Deleted Scenes
(patron schedule: advance entry each month)

finished 7 of 23 remaining entries

Complete but not yet previewed on Patreon: screenshots, formatting, one-liners & statistics/episodes sections for all upcoming entries

Latest public release: Musicians of the Road House (#31)
& previewed on Patreon: character #30 & #29 & #28 & #27 & #26 & #25 & #24 & #23 & #22 & 21 & 20 & 19 & 18 & #17

3) ongoing monthly Patreon exclusives
CURRENTLY WORKING on June: transcribe/edit conversation w/ Max Clark on The Boy and the Heron & Godzilla Minus One
+ PAUSED on August: transcribe/edit conversation w/ Tyler MacDonald on Killers of the Flower Moon
(an exclusive piece every month for the $5/month tier)

finished 0 months ahead of the current one

Complete but not yet published:
6 of 7 episodes in Breaking Bad S2 viewing diary for December

4) non-Twin Peaks video essays (probably)
NOT YET BEGUN on Mirrors of Kane - Bernstein or any of Watership Revisited, Halloween, Pride and Prejudice, or Shin Godzilla Minus One
...would include the remaining chapters of Mirrors of Kane series
+ a Watership Down & Brideshead Revisited mash-up
+ a Halloween series
+ a Pride and Prejudice adaptation comparison
+ a Shin Godzilla & Godzilla Minus One comparison

finished 0 of *14 videos
+ *added others to initial 6 in December 2023, February 2024 & April 2024

5) podcast guest appearances
COMPLETE for now (until another invitation)

finished 4 of *4 episodes
+ *added others to initial 2 in January & March 2024

Complete but not yet published: Creamed Corn and the Universe - Robert Jacoby (expected around June 17)

6) Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 6
WAITING BEFORE WORKING on any of these videos
(probably until the character series & Lost in Twin Peaks are done)

Here are the steps for Journey Through Twin Peaks:

a) "story section" cuts of Twin Peaks season 3 for personal reference
(as a guide for the thematically/geographically focused upcoming videos)

b) research season 3

c) outline Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

d) write narration for Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

e) record narration for Part 6 (Chapters 37 - 47)

f) edit Chapter 37: Signal Disturbance (beginning of Part 6)

g) edit Chapter 38: Far Away Places (New York & other isolated locations throughout)

h) edit Chapter 39: The FBI Stories (Blue Rose task force in South Dakota)

i) edit Chapter 40: Twin Peaks Dream (the town)

j) edit Chapter 41: Dougie in Vegasland

k) edit Chapter 42: Mr. C's Wild Ride

l) edit Chapter 43: The Search for the Zones (the mythology)

m) edit Chapter 44: 3 Women (Diane, Sarah, "Judy")

n) edit Chapter 45: COOPER COOPER COOPER (the big picture & "Richard" material)

o) edit Chapter 46: What Does She See, What Does She Hear (Laura's legacy and Fire Walk With Me in season 3)

p) edit Chapter 47: See the Mountains Kiss High Heaven (end of Part 6)

q) create Parts 5 & 6 trailer

r) complete Part 6 presentation

s) Write about creating Journey Through Twin Peaks Part 6
(*fan art poster from unknown creator)

Monthly Record of Progress

initially (November 22) • 73 steps remain (0 of 73)
1 month (December 22) • 77 steps remain (2 of 79)

2 months (January 22) • 74 steps remain (6 of 80)
3 months (February 22) • 75 steps remain (6 of 81)
4 months (March 22) • 74 steps remain (7 of 81)
5 months (April 22) • 74 steps remain (9 of 83)
6 months (May 22) • 73 steps remain (10 of 83)

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