Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE: 2014


Concluding #WatchlistScreenCaps/#iPodAlbumPlaylist/#JoelsReadingList • a few films from 2013/2014conversation with Tony Dayoub on Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me • David Lynch Month • early media/online commentary on Twin Peaksresuming video essays • reviewing every Lynch film • first podcast appearances (Obnoxious & Anonymous)Twin Peaks: The Missing PiecesTwin Peaks interviews: Brad Dukes, John Thorne, Martha Nochimson • my experimental short filmJourney Through Twin Peaks Parts 1 - 3 (the TV show) • "7 Facts About Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me"

Chapter 19: Classics & Completionism (October 2013 - February 2014)
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What I read in the second half of 2013

Screenshots from a dozen movies and three prestigious TV premieres (whose viewing diaries I would begin four years later)

Another ten screenshots, including several films by Peter Watkins

Commemorating the debut of my short film a year earlier

Capsules of PyaasaThe Big CityThe Man Who Planted TreesBrideshead RevisitedLos Angeles Plays ItselfPerceval le GalloisChronicle of a SummerIt’s a Beautiful DayI, ClaudiusThe Battle of Chile

Another ten screenshots, with a surprising number of whales


Another ten screenshots, sampling my favorite era

Another ten screenshots, with two versions of the repeating-time shtick and a couple silent comedies

Another ten screenshots, including very early Scorsese and Spielberg

Another ten screenshots, catching up with filmmakers who had not yet been featured on the watchlist

What I listened to in the first month of the year, with particular emphasis on re-visiting classic rock favorites

Screenshots from the Golden Age, featuring at least a half-dozen different genres, stars, and studios

One last mix of screenshots, including new discoveries and some of my oldest favorites

A huge overflow of leftover screenshots from a yearlong watchlist

Closing a year of screenshots with the earliest image of all

Gathering all the Watchlist galleries in one directory

Chapter 20: Getting Lost in Lynchland (March - June 2014)
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Long Players in the Shortest Month: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, February 2014
What I listened to in the second month of the year

The more things change...: A collage/catalog of Forrest Gump
Visual examples of repetition and variation from a film that's full of both

The Future of Lost in the Movies: status update, March 2014
All kinds of plans, soon to be delayed, transformed, or altogether abandoned in favor of a growing obsession with Twin Peaks

"It is happening...again.": Images from an episode of Twin Peaks
My first Twin Peaks post in four years was a visual tribute to the killer's reveal episode

The Sides of March: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, March 2014
The last listening post includes early nineties grunge and recent hip-hop


The Wolf of Wall Street
Martin Scorsese offers superficiality as spectacle - is there a "there" there?

Son of Man
My favorite Jesus film is this late sixties TV play by Dennis Potter

The Hero We Didn't Know We Needed: a conversation with Jared Drake, director of Visioneers & the upcoming Mack Luster
Interviewing a filmmaker about his out-of-time action hero

Reading Spielberg
I contributed some old reviews to the first in a series of e-books about directors


Twin Peaks is Dead - Long Live Laura Palmer! (Fire Walk With Me conversation w/ Tony Dayoub - Part 1 of 4)
And so it begins. My conversation with Tony starts with the history of Laura and the TV show, launching two months of David Lynch material...

Poetry Becomes Prose in Fire Walk With Me (Fire Walk With Me conversation w/ Tony Dayoub - Part 2 of 4)
The Fire Walk With Me conversation continues as Tony explores his own Twin Peaks fandom and how Teresa Banks reveals Lynch's aim

Back Door to the Black Lodge (Fire Walk With Me conversation w/ Tony Dayoub - Part 3 of 4)
I begin to dig into the mystical side of Fire Walk With Me in my reply to Tony, extending the conversation

Lynch's Affinity for Laura Palmer (Fire Walk With Me conversation w/ Tony Dayoub - Part 4 of 4)
To conclude our conversation, Tony discusses how Fire Walk With Me and Lynch's fascination with its heroine changed the course of his career


Weird on Top: David Lynch Month on Lost in the Movies (including "My Journey into Lynchland" below)
My history with David Lynch, a bunch of screenshots, and an introduction to a full month of very lengthy Lynch posts

Gone Fishin': A collection of commentary on Twin Peaks
Gathering samples from over a hundred media responses to Twin Peaks from 1989 to 2014 - news reports, reviews, interviews, scholarly analyses, blog posts, and more

Take This Baby and Deliver It to Death: a video tribute to David Lynch
My first video essay in a year and a half, a non-narrated montage exploring how Lynch handles themes of abuse in his early work - this remains one of my strongest pieces of work

The Eye of the Duck: A David Lynch retrospective, 1967 - 2013 (part one: the trees)
One of my most ambitious pieces, a complete anthology of full-length reviews of every David Lynch feature, with shorter reviews of his TV episodes, shorts, videos, and commercials

It's a Strange World: A David Lynch retrospective, 1967 - 2013 (part two: the forest)
A comprehensive essay examining how David Lynch's work evolved narratively, thematically, and stylistically over half a century - this concluded "David Lynch Month" on the site

Chapter 21: Journeying into Twin Peaks (July 2014 - February 2015)
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Talking Twin Peaks on "Obnoxious and Anonymous" podcast (+ July status update & more)
My first appearance on Cameron Cloutier's YouTube channel to discuss Twin Peaks and my plans for the summer/fall (which did, of course, change)

Catching up with Disney's biggest phenomenon in years

Lady in Movieland: Lady and the Tramp's Journey Through Promiscuous Genres (a video essay for the Romance Countdown)
Lady and the Tramp presented as a silent comedy, TV sitcom, horror film, prison movie, musical, melodrama, and romance

A Tale of Two Martys: an essay for the romance countdown
Two versions of the same simple story - how do they differ?


Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces
Reviewing the first new piece of Twin Peaks media in two decades, a fully restored, deftly edited collection of deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me

A Story Both Wonderful and Strange: my conversation with Brad Dukes, author of Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks
The first of many Twin Peaks interviews to be published on my site, as a brand new book covers the history of the show

The Power of Myth: the last 20 books I read, January - July 2014
A final survey of books, including the one that got me back into Twin Peaks - the last fourteen are linked by a daisy chain of subjects, the alternation of fiction and nonfiction, and an overarching mythological theme

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been
My experimental film from a previous decade, incorporating many different types of footage for a meditation on going away and coming back


The Darkness of Future Past: visual tribute to an episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion
The theme of looking back and losing ones's mooring continues with pictures of Evangelion's flashback episode

Cooper and Laura: a visual tribute to the stars of Twin Peaks
Long before the end of The Return, I gathered pictures and dialogue from previous encounters between the two most important characters in Twin Peaks, separated by time and space

Fragments of Cinephilia, Pt. IV
Earlier comments (from IMDb days) on a variety of films, including my first viewing of Out 1 in 2007

Growing Up is Hard to Do: Boyhood, The Giver, fragments of memory, and notes on the "death of adulthood"
My last non-Twin Peaks essay for six months linked two reviews of current releases, a collection of images with brief descriptions, and responses to a couple cultural thinkpieces under the larger topics of maturity, the passage of time, and the need for grand narratives

Twelve Weeks of Twin Peaks
Coincidentally, I shifted my exclusive focus to Twin Peaks just a few days before the public announcement that the show would return


Journey Through Twin Peak: Part 1 - Harmony of the Dark Woods
Six years and eight hundred twenty posts into my site, Journey Through Twin Peaks begins: a fusion of my interest in video essays and my interest in Twin Peaks, this became my most popular work

Unwrapping Twin Peaks: a conversation with John Thorne, editor of Wrapped in Plastic
Interviewing the creator of the legendary magazine that kept Twin Peaks' flame alive for a dozen years

Hidden Corners of Twin Peaks: a conversation with John Thorne, editor of Wrapped in Plastic, pt. 2 (The Missing Pieces & more)
We returned for a second interview after digesting the much-hyped/anticipated deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks is Back! (a conversation with John Thorne, editor of Wrapped in Plastic, pt. 3)
A third and final interview was scheduled last-minute to take in the recent news about a third season on Showtime

Twin Peaks: "The Second Coming" (W.B. Yeats)
"Things fall apart/The center cannot hold/Mere anarchy is loosed upon the word/The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere/The ceremony innocence is drowned..." (a video montage)

Journey Through Twin Peaks: Part 2 - The Center Cannot Hold
Continuing Journey Through Twin Peaks by honing in on the Laura mystery and covering the early part of season 2


Opening the Door: a conversation with Martha Nochimson, author of The Passion of David Lynch and David Lynch Swerves
Interviewing the brilliant author of several Lynch studies that incorporate feminism, Carl Jung, quantum physics, and Vedic traditions, but remain driven by the phenomenon of the work itself

Talking Twin Peaks again (on "Obnoxious and Anonymous")
With The Missing Pieces out and season 3 in the air, I join Obnoxious and Anonymous again for a follow-up discussion

Twin Peaks on the Internet...in 1990 (an alt.tv.twin-peaks archive)
What folks were saying about Twin Peaks on listservs/message boards as the show originally aired (some great posts in here - Barb Miller's particularly impacted me as I worked on my videos)

Coming up in Journey Through Twin Peaks...
Describing upcoming chapters of the video series


Twin Peaks status update: some things take a while...
A week later, I was still experiencing delays as I researched and prepared my Twin Peaks videos

Journey Through Twin Peaks: Beyond the Investigation (the ensemble)
After a long pause, I wanted to post individual chapters before waiting for Part 3 to be complete

New Chapters in Journey Through Twin Peaks: Cooper, the mid-season, and the spirit of Twin Peaks
Sharing chapters 13-15 as Twelve Weeks of Twin Peaks ends with the Journey videos still ongoing

Journey Through Twin Peaks: Part 3 - The Whole Damned Town
Finally, Journey Through Twin Peaks covers the rest of season 2 leading up to the hypnotic finish (plus a teaser of more to come)

7 Facts About Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
My most popular single piece in the first decade of the site, advocating for a film that was underrated for too long

(I covered this year on Episode 18, 19, and 20 of my Patreon podcast)

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