Lost in the Movies: #WatchlistScreenCaps: Online Videos

#WatchlistScreenCaps: Online Videos

Online Videos

The following is a chronological collection of screen-caps from every online video I watched between February 12, 2013 and February 12, 2014. This includes anything which was either created for or primarily popularized by online venues like YouTube, Vimeo or FunnyOrDie. For a chronological lineup including features and shorts as well, visit my complete #WatchlistScreenCaps chronology. Links lead to previous pieces on a given film.

Darkened Room (2002), dir. David Lynch
I don't know what it is or how he does it, but it's always so incredibly effective

Lazy Sunday (2005), dir. Lonely Island
"You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we're droppin' Hamiltons"

Evolution of Dance (2006), uploaded judsonlaipply
Not so sure about the "evolution" part...

Shoes (2006), created Liam Kyle Sullivan (director unknown)
Imelda Marcos meets Based God

Diet Coke + Mentos (2006), uploaded zorro103
With their white coats and graceful movements, they look like Zen masters

Where the hell is Matt? 2006 (2006), uploaded mattharding2718
Dancing in the clouds

Here It Goes Again (2006), dir. Trish Sei & OK Go
Shades of Groucho & Harpo

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years. (2006), dir. Noah Kalina
Fascinating not only for what it shows, but for what it leaves us wondering

Guinness World Record for most T-Shirts worn at one time. (2006), uploaded 3ToeOne
Not even a quarter of the way there yet

baby laughing (2006), uploaded kaihong
1st YT comment: "who is still watching this in 2013" Me, apparently

Sneezing Baby Panda (2006), prod. LJM Productions
They look & move like Muppets - amazing it's real

Bank of America's "One" (2006), uploaded tehsuckdotnet
Written like it's supposed to be funny, but performed and received in earnest

Linus Sings The Police (2007), uploaded chalkdrinker
The timing in this clip is pretty well-executed

Boat (2007), dir. David Lynch
"We're gonna try to go fast enough to go into the night!" The home movie as surreal dream trip

Vote Different (2007), uploaded ParkRidge47
Orwell, Apple, Obama: the meme continues...

Otters holding hands (2007), uploaded cynthiaholmes
It's the drifting away & then re-clasping that makes it

Chocolate Rain (2007), uploaded TayZonday
YouTube esoterica at its most astoundingly bizarre (yet catchy)

Charlie bit my finger - again! (2007), uploaded HDCYT
Cain & Abel meet the Rugrats

Daft Hands - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (2007), uploaded FrEckleStudios
Brilliant and kind of insane

Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! - THE ORIGINAL! (2007), uploaded chuckieart
There really doesn't seem to be much to say about this one. It is what it is.

Crush on Obama (2007), uploaded BarelyPolitical
With her in his corner, how could he lose?

Dramatic Chipmunk (2007), uploaded cregets
5 seconds of infamy

Skateboarding Dog (2007), uploaded rnickeymouse
One of the many strange sights on Venice Boulevard

"Thriller" in Philippine prison (2007), uploaded byronfgarcia
Jailhouse Pop

Leave Britney Alone (2007), uploaded itschriscrocker
Probably more famous than the Spears performance that inspired it

University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forum (2007), shot by Kyle Mitchell
Initially "serious news", then "funny meme"; see: Marx, tragedy, farce, etc

The Last Lecture (2007), pres. Randy Pausch
Autobiography as motivational speech

Bert & Ernie Casino Style (2007), original uploader unknown
My favorite moment is this nonchalant ending

Yes We Can (2008), prod. will.i.am
Most idealistic U.S. electoral politics had been, or will be, for some time

"Hey Jude" kid (2008), uploaded kladblog
He nails the Beatle mannerisms, like leaning into the mic & bowing at the end

TRAPPED IN AN ELEVATOR FOR 41 HOURS (2008), uploaded NewYorkerDotCom
Fascinating and terrifying, loneliness of video never more acute

lonelygirl15 (2006 - 2008), crea. Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg & Amanda Goodfried
The YouTube home movie as adventure epic

Kittens Inspired By Kittens (2008), uploaded blakekelly0
Best moment: "I'm her mom!" "No she's not..."

LG15: The Resistance (2008), dir. Yusuf Pirhasan, Ram Paul Silbey
Multifaceted presentation of new media's storytelling strategies

David After Dentist (2009), uploaded booba1234
He must have visited the same dentist as Lennon & Harrison

The Flowerpot's Lament (2009), uploaded FrEckleStudios
Anticipate cheerful bloodshed, AfterEffects-style

Auto-Tune the News #2: pirates. drugs. gay marriage. (2009), uploaded schmoyoho
Which one is more ridiculous?

United Breaks Guitars (2009), wri. Dave Carroll (director unknown)
Customer service complaints go country

JK Wedding Entrance Dance (2009), uploaded TheKheinz
I was sufficiently out of touch to not see this til AFTER the "Office" parody

Baby Dancing to Beyonce (2009), uploaded CGElliot09
Beats the creepy CGI dancing baby from the 90s at least

One Less Lonely Girl (2009), dir. Roman White
The boy wonder in his Ellen Page phase

they are coming (2009), uploaded clippomania
Garbled radio and ominous clouds make for beautifully haunting little clip

Literal version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (2009), dir. David A. Scott (original video, 1983, dir. Russell Mulcahy)
Funny captions, but original video is the real curio: "If..." meets "Village of the Damned"?

Panic Attack! (2009), dir. Fede Alvarez
An unusual roadblock

Hitler's angry reaction to the iPad (2010), uploaded sadiesmithereens/originally dir. Oliver Hirschbiegel
Somehow it remains funny - or gets funnier - with each variation

Bert and Ernie Censored - You're $%@& (2011), uploaded Andyblalock
Ernie tells Bert what he really thinks of all his book-learnin'

Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper (2011), uploaded BruBearBaby
Investigated by a scientist on the Discovery Channel (no, really)

 Talking Twin Babies (2011), uploaded jayrandall22011
...and Jean-Pierre Gorin, you can eat your heart out too.

Ultimate Dog Tease (2011), uploaded klaatu42
Puppy-dog eyes and a dopey voice

eHarmony Video Bio (2011), uploaded hartmanncara
Chris Marker, eat your heart out

Dilbert 3 (2012), dir. CBoyardee
Guns don't kill people, Dilbert kills people

A Frog Sitting on a Bench Like a Human (2012), uploaded RoltonB
My personal favorite YT clip of all time. An amphibian Buster Keaton.

Barack Obama Sings Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (2012), uploaded baracksdubs
Imagine different eras: FDR cut to Andrews Sisters, Nixon to Joplin, etc...

Remember How We Forgot (2013), perf. Shane Koyczan, Hannah Epperson
Mixes disillusionment with inspiration, with emphasis on latter

To This Day (2013), prod. Giant Ant
Love the different animation styles employed throughout

The Greatest Youtube Video ... Ever (2013), uploaded cadattack123
Well, somebody had to take the title

San Francisco (2013), dir. Jason Bellamy
Video postcard from the city of odd angles

London Trip, August 7 - 12, 2013 (2013), dir. Melanie Juliano
Exploring the wonders in the dark

The Best Vine Compilation of 2013 (150+) ★ (2013), uploaded VinesArmy
Amidst all the twerking, fat jokes, & pet reactions, nonchalant soda-mixing kid is my favorite

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