Lost in the Movies: #WatchlistScreenCaps: Documentaries

#WatchlistScreenCaps: Documentaries


The following is a chronological collection of screen-caps from every single documentary (feature, short, or miniseries) I watched between February 12, 2013 and February 12, 2014. For a chronological lineup including narrative and experimental films as well, visit my complete #WatchlistScreenCaps chronology. Links lead to previous pieces on a given film.

L'arrivee d'un train en gare de la Ciotat (1896), dir. Louis & Auguste Lumiere
A 19th-century train pulls in to my phone - where will it go next?

The Battle of Midway (1942), dir. John Ford
"Yes, this really happened."

Torpedo Squadron 8 (1942), dir. John Ford
Shapes in the sky echo shapes in the sea

December 7th (1943), dir. John Ford
Family of the fallen in Castalia, Iowa

Chronicle of a Summer (1961), dir. Jean Rouch, Edgar Morin
History incurs into the personal sphere

Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie (1963), dir. Vilgot Sjoman
Bergman can't help smiling as table turns & filmmaker presses critic on his own process

The House is Black (1963), dir. Forough Farrokhzad
Pausing at the moment of expression

Before Hollywood, There Was Fort Lee, N.J. (1964), dir. Thomas Hanlon
Movie stars and yogis lounge in glamorous New Jersey

The Love Goddesses (1965), dir. Saul J. Turrell
Great reminder that even in the sixties, screen sex was nothing new

Two American Audiences (1968), dir. Richard Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker
As soon as he slips into French and filmmaking, he sounds more authoritative

Civilisation (1969), pres. Kenneth Clark
"I feel, therefore I am."

Phantom India (1969), dir. Louis Malle
Even cattle are camera-conscious before the foreign lens

Gimme Shelter (1970), dir. Albert & David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin
"Nice to have a chick occasionally" (especially when she steals the show)

Godard in America (1970), dir. Ralph Tranhauser
The children of Mao and Coca-Cola

Malcolm X (1972), dir. Arnold Perl
"Stop talking about the South. If you're south of the Canadian border, you're in the South!"

Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director (1975), dir. Kaneto Shindo
Mizoguchi's favored urine bottle (he didn't want to miss a moment on set)

Liquid Crystals (1978), dir. Jean Painleve
Crystallization as hallucination

The Battle of Chile (1975 - 1979), dir. Patricio Guzman
The Right loses its phony mask of "freedom" & reveals true identity in the streets of Santiago

A Weekend at the Beach with Jean-Luc Godard (1979), dir. Ira Schneider
Wim Wenders, dressed for the beach

 The Solar Film (1980), dir. Elaine & Saul Bass
Despite title, more about industrialization & subsequent malaise than making case for solar

 Act of God (1980), dir. Peter Greenaway
Greenaway does a for-real doc (I think). Btw, I too was (almost?) struck by lightning

Larisa (1980), dir. Elem Klimov
Moving tribute from one filmmaker to another, but also from a husband to his wife

New England Time Capsule (1987), dir. unknown
Love that dirty water

The Making of "Gorillas in the Mist" (1988), dir. Robert Nixon
The real Fossey, briefly observed amidst movie promotion

Isle of Flowers (1989), dir. Jorge Furtado
What's worth more: a chicken or a whale, a person or a pig?

Anamorphosis: De Artificilia Perspectiva (1991), dir. Stephen & Timothy Quay
Sixteenth-century paper dolls play with anamorphic strings

Black Is...Black Ain't (1994), dir. Marlon Riggs, Christiane Badgley
Not going quietly into the night

The Beatles Anthology (1995), dir. Kevin Godley, Bob Smeaton, Geoff Wonfor
"The people in the cheaper seats, clap your hands. And the rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewelry..."

Carl Th. Dreyer - My Metier (1995), dir. Torben Skjodt Jensen
The daughter of Joan of Arc

Chile, Obstinate Memory (1997), dir. Patricio Guzman
Heartbreaking tribute to a dream destroyed

In Search of History: The Knights Templar (1997), prod. FilmRoos Inc. for A&E Network
The mysterious order whose destruction forever cursed Friday the 13th

Arguing the World (1998), dir. Joseph Dorman
Leaping from the immigrant experience into the socialist future

Histoire(s) du cinema (1988 - 1998), dir. Jean-Luc Godard
The man who walked through paradise in dreams and woke up with a flower in his hand

Parsifal: The Search for the Grail (1999), dir. Tony Palmer
Wagner enters the Grail Castle

The James Bond Story (1999), dir. Chris Hunt
007 may be invincible, but his stuntman isn't so lucky

King Arthur - The Search for the Holy Grail (2000), dir. Jens-Peter Behrend
The hidden chamber which Parsifal sought in his quest?

Peter Pan & J.M. Barrie: The Boys Who Wouldn't Grow Up (2000), prod. ArtsMagic
My own earliest memory is my father taking me to a bookstore for an edition of this story

The Universal Clock: The Resistance of Peter Watkins (2001), dir. Geoff Bowie
The commune infiltrates the corporation

A Decade Under the Influence (2003), dir. Ted Demme, Richard LaGravenese
New Hollywood nostalgia, too sprawling at times but with some interesting tangents

Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst (2004), dir. Robert Stone
"Death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people!"

Bergman Island (2004), dir. Marie Nyrerod
Recalling the times good and bad as his life draws to a close

Ryan (2004), dir. Chris Landreth
This is what creative block looks like

The Secret of the Holy Grail (2005), dir. Susanne Aernecke
Low-key, low-fi Grail doc with terrible Netflix reviews, but I quite enjoyed it

Electric Purgatory: The Fate of the Black Rocker (2005), dir. Raymond Gale
6 degrees of Little Richard connects him to every rock 'n' roller since

Revisiting Brideshead (2005), prod. Free At Last TV
Celebrating with silly string

History's Mysteries: The Knights of Camelot (2006), dir. Damian Weyand
Returning Excalibur to its watery home

Christmas in Yellowstone (2006), dir. Shane Moore
The fox says...Merry Christmas

Becoming John Ford (2007), dir. Nick Redman
The bedridden auteur counts his blessings

The Last Lecture (2007), pres. Randy Pausch
Autobiography as motivational speech

I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale (2009), dir. Richard Shepard
Seventies cinema's lonely man

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film (2009), dir. Andrew Monument
Good clips, but Freddy Krueger = metaphor for National Debt? Color me skeptical.

On the Cusp (2009), prod. Issa Clubb
Pushing himself over the edge

Waking Sleeping Beauty (2009), dir. Don Hahn
Despite hype surrounding execs, an artist provided the heart behind Disney renaissance

Holy Grail in America (2009), dir. Andy Awes
Quite a lot of leaps of faith required

A Cautionary Tale of Campus Revolution and Sexual Freedom (2009), prod. Criterion Collection
Jack Nicholson recollects Keith Richards' child disrupting the Cannes screening

Henry Jaglom Finds A Safe Place (2009), prod. Criterion Collection
Explaining how Anais Nin provided free publicity for his movie

BBStory (2009), dir. Greg Carson
"The real story is...we were just one bunch of lucky motherfuckers."

Waste Land (2010), dir. Lucy Walker, Karen Harley, Joao Jardim
The materials for art are everywhere

Two in the Wave (2010), dir. Emmanuel Laurent
Apparently tracking shots and morality are no longer so conjoined

 Nightfall: 100 Years of Vampire Films (2010), dir. J. Balazs
Tired last night, so went for this 60-min doc. Cheesy execution, cool clips.

These Amazing Shadows (2011), dir. Paul Mariano, Kurt Norton
National Registry as a mosiac of cinema's diversity

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth (2011), dir. Chad Freidrichs
Ugly memories conceal earlier dreams

Battle for Brooklyn (2011), dir. Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley
Demolishing the facade of liberty and democracy

The Story of Film (2011), dir. Mark Cousins
I tweeted screen-caps from each episode, highlighting favorite moments from the series

Room 237 (2012), dir. Rodney Ascher
Staring at the picture until it stares back at you

56 Up (2012), dir. Michael Apted
Walking down memory lane

The Lion King: A Memoir (2012), hosted Don Hahn
Amazing how many cooks there are in the Disney kitchen

London - The Modern Babylon (2012), dir. Julien Temple
Monitoring the city that won't be controlled

Mankind: The Story of All of Us (2012), dir. Dan Clifton, Hugh Ballantyne
Trimming the topknot of tradition - samurai becomes entrepreneur

Blackfish (2013), dir. Gabriela Cowperthwaite
A killer whale who lives up to the name

Antonio Campos and the Case of the Conscious Camera (A Mystery) (2013), inter. Zach Wigon
The subject begins directing the interview

San Francisco (2013), dir. Jason Bellamy
Video postcard from the city of odd angles

Two American Families (2013), wri. Kathleen Hughes, Bill Moyers
Evening prayer remembered several sad decades later

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