Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE Chapter 18: The Watchlist Hits Toontown (August - October 2013)

THE ARCHIVE Chapter 18: The Watchlist Hits Toontown (August - October 2013)

Earlier in 2013, I had reservations about sliding into a purely visual record of my media intake but by late summer/early autumn those reservations had completely slipped away. I published virtually nothing but screencaps and album covers during this time, focusing in the former case on several DVDs of classic animation from Warner Brothers, Disney, and other midcentury powerhouses. The wacky exaggerations, bright colors, and wide-ranging selections spun a comfortable cocoon whose visuals-first approach certainly synced up with the age of Instagram and Pinterest.

Subjects include individualized round-ups of cartoon favorites like Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop, a collection of diverse documentary subjects, a resonant quote from Carl Jung, a visual highlight from each decade (including my first rewatch of Fire Walk With Me six months before my return to Twin Peaks), and the organization of a half-year's images into a single page.

A Saturday of Classic Cartoons: 90 images from my animation viewing marathon, 10/5, my highlight from this period, extracts dozens of screenshots from a rich midcentury mine of animation.


Strange Sounds: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, pt. III
More albums I listened to in mid-summer, emphasis on seventies and eighties (across quite a few different genres)

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 7/25 - 8/3 (early 00s short films edition)
Another ten screenshots - shorts I was watching for a year-by-year "alternate Oscars" poll

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/3 - 8/4 (animated shorts edition)
A collection of cartoons from various sources

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/6 (Bosko edition)
Another ten screenshots, exclusively of an early Warner Brothers character

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/7 (Looney Tunes edition)
Another ten screenshots from the Warner factory

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/7 - 8/9 (classic animated shorts edition)
Another ten screenshots, mixing different cartoon characters and studios

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/9 (Ub Iwerks Comicolor edition)
Another ten screenshots, highlighting later work from Mickey Mouse's co-creator

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/10 (Max Fleischer Cartoon Classics edition)
Another ten screenshots, brought to you by the Fleischer brothers

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/10 (Betty Boop edition)
Another ten screenshots, bringing the icon into the (sadly) post-Code era

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/10 (black-and-white Mickey Mouse edition)
Another ten screenshots: the mouse in glorious monochrome
#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/11 (Mickey Mouse edition)
Another ten screenshots, drawing Mickey from two different collections

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/11 - 8/12 (Technicolor Mickey Mouse edition)
Another ten screenshots, with Disney in eye-popping color

100 Cartoons in 100 Images
Linking all the cartoon screenshot round-ups from the past few days

The Sunday visual diary: Viewing marathon, 8/18
Watching and screenshotting TV/webseries episodes, shorts, features, and video essays

(Mostly) Familiar Favorites: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, pt. IV
Albums I listened to in late summer 2013

Back and back and back...
Quotes from Carl Jung, accompanied by references to 2001 and The Giver

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/13 - 8/27 (first-time features edition)
Another ten screenshots - after many shorts, a return to feature films (all first viewings)

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 8/28 - 8/31
Another ten screenshots, including several experimental shorts


Record of a Summer (with additional images)
What I posted besides screenshots in a mostly visual summer

A Gallery of Movie Moments: Image from every film I've watched since February (344 #WatchlistScreenCaps)
Introducing a gallery page with all of the Watchlist screencaps in one place

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 9/1 - 9/8
Another ten screenshots, featuring a classic from each decade (including my first-ever rewatch of Fire Walk With Me)

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 9/9
Another ten screenshots - over half belong to Don Hertzfeldt

Images from the Two-Day Viewing Marathon, 9/15 - 9/16
Another eclectic grouping of screenshots from a variety of forms

Uncharted Territory: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, Pt. V
What I was listening to around September 2013

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 9/9 - 9/21
Another ten screenshots: eight recent shorts and two features all from within a decade of each other


Images from the Documentary Marathon, 10/1
Screenshots cover a nonfiction line-up

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 9/21 - 10/2
Another ten screenshots: iconic feature films of directors from Eisenstein to Tarantino

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 10/2 - 10/4 (live-action short films edition)
Another ten screenshots of short films, this time veering in the opposite direction from animation

Generations Linked by Video: The iHistory WW2 Project & Interview with Jeffrey Worthington
Brief Q&A about a project where students interview World War II veterans

A Saturday of Classic Cartoons: 90 images from my animation viewing marathon, 10/5
Saturday morning cartoons extend all day long as I finished a number of animation DVDs and collected screenshots

(I covered this period on Episode 17 of my Patreon podcast)

Next: Classics & Completionism (October 2013 - February 2014)
(in which I round out my yearlong visual viewing diary by filling various gaps)

Previous: Talking to Twitter & Embracing the Image (February - July 2013)

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