Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE Chapter 9: Four's Company (February - May 2010)

THE ARCHIVE Chapter 9: Four's Company (February - May 2010)

This was my last real crack at being a regular reviewer. Just as I'd hungered to try my hand at casual microblogging a few months earlier, now I wanted to tackle the contemporary scene as a critic - coinciding nicely with several films suggesting a cinematic coming-of-age for my (millennial) generation at the turn-of-the-decade. The new approach only lasted for a month and a half, but during that time I covered a bunch of Oscar contenders, theatrical debuts, and DVD new releases; meanwhile, I renewed my "Best of the 21st Century?" series, at the time exclusive to Wonders in the Dark, and maintained my more casual approach before closing up shop on my two extra blogs.

Subjects include a massive visual tribute to hard-to-see films, poster collections from various directors, the Academy Awards for 2009, a highly critical take on the racially obtuse The Blind Side, and a review of Avatar, which was surpassing James Cameron's own Titanic become the highest-grossing film of all time.

My highlight from this period is Summer Hours, a French drama that took me by surprise when I reached it in my "Best of the 21st Century?" series; I was particularly struck by the tight conceptual structure beneath its casual surface.


Welcome to Lost in the Movies
Introducing a third blog, Lost in the Movies (*different* Lost in the Movies - it's confusing) to cover new releases in cinemas and on DVD

James Cameron's 3D super-blockbuster was first up among my Oscar contender/new release reviews

The Restoration: Glimpses of the Past - and Future?
Gathering images from hundreds of hard-to-see films sought out by various movie bloggers

We Are the Silver Screen Preservation Society...
Cross-promoting the Film Restoration round-up

Up in the Air
George Clooney's Oscar contender, too slick or just slick enough to suit its subject?

Best of the 21st Century?
Kicking off a more stable Best of the 21st Century? series, which will continue weekly or biweekly throughout the year, based on an updated list covering the full decade

Clint Eastwood's easygoing film about post-apartheid South African rugby

The posters of Stanley Kubrick
A poster gallery for Kubrick, 1952-1999

A Single Man
Revisiting the early sixties with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore

"I'm not crazy."
Hilariously awkward Jaws deleted scene

28 Days In, and out...
Highlighting work from the past month


An Education
Carey Mulligan's breakthrough in a coming-of-age story

The Hurt Locker
Oscar coverage and a renewed Best of the 21st Century? series with this film

The Academy Awards on Wonders in the Dark
Rounding up the Wonders in the Dark coverage of the 2009 Oscar contenders

Bright Star
Jane Campion films the romance of Fanny Brawne and John Keats

Inglourious Basterds
The alternate history of World War II, according to Quentin Tarantino

And the winner was...
Recapping the last full Oscar broadcast I would watch in this decade

Still Life
Best of the 21st Century? continues with my first Jia Zhangke film, mixing magic and documentation to convey modern Chinese development

The Posters of Steven Spielberg
A poster gallery for Spielberg, 1971-2008

New on DVD: Precious and Capitalism: A Love Story
My first "new on DVD" review from 2010, a double-header from Lee Daniels and Michael Moore

Now Playing: Green Zone
Not a particularly well-received film (I liked it more than most at the time), this awoke lingering memories of the Iraq invasion from a stateside perspective

Where the Wild Things Are
I really liked Spike Jonze's riff on Maurice Sendak's classic picture book

Summer Hours
Three trios reveal themselves in Olivier Assayas' film: international, intergenerational, and sibling (one of my favorite Best of the 21st Century? pieces)

The Posters of David Lynch
The last of my poster galleries: for Lynch, 1977-2006

New on DVD: The Blind Side
Really did not care for this one, but I think I was able to articulate my objections effectively

And then there were 10...
Getting ready for Allan Fish's Top Ten of the Silent Countdown

Now playing: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Swedish adaptation (apparently edited down from a miniseries) of the bestselling mystery novel

"Spring was moving in the air above"
Stepping into a new season that would hold more changes than I expected

Gus Van Sant's school shooting study, whose relevance unfortunately did not go away with time

New on DVD: Brothers
Millennials reach maturity in (some) onscreen depictions

100 Classics of Silent Cinema
Wonders in the Dark concludes a silent era countdown

Now Playing: Greenberg
Greta Gerwig and the influence of mumblecore mellow the bilious Noah Baumbach

New on DVD: Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey, Jr. adding another franchise to his belt


Now Playing: How to Train Your Dragon
Dragons and western warcraft mythos - my last new release review in the spring push before slowing down and ending two sites

Twin Peaks at 20
Rounding up my old episode guide, this directory was my last Twin Peaks-centered post for close to four years

Tropical Malady
Through the tail end of this period, as most of my activity paused, I continued my Best of the 21st Century? series, here covering my second Apichatpong Weerasethakul fable

The Dardennes brothers depict of a fumbling youth as a kind of arthouse videogame avatar in this Best of the 21st Century? entry


The Gleaners & I
Agnes Varda's inventive essay film provided a wonderful surprise when I covered it for Best of the 21st Century?

The 80s Tape: Commercial Break
Advertisements for kids' products taped off Saturday morning cartoons when I was four or five

The Lives of Others
I had more reservations than expected while watching this drama about East German surveillance for Best of the 21st Century?

(I covered this period on Episode 9 of my Patreon podcast)

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(in which I consolidate my work onto the main site and offer a series of ambitious posts)

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