Lost in the Movies: Class of 2002

Class of 2002

In January 2013, I unveiled a short film called Class of 2002, several months in the making, which told the story of several young lives against the backdrop of the past decade. Mostly using photos, narration, and stock footage I was able to create characters and evoke a mood. I am proud of my accomplishment, but my work is only beginning, because I see this as the first step on a long path, winding out of view in the distance.

I also hope that the film will gain viewers as time goes on, and that those viewers (i.e. you!) will share the film if they like it. Right now, that's the only "marketing campaign" I've got, your word of mouth. So please spread the word!

Today I'm offering up the film one more time, along with all the posts featuring or related to my movie. If you're not ready to watch the movie yet - don't think you have time, or aren't in the mood - I hope you'll follow a few of these links just to whet your appetite before returning.

My movie, Class of 2002:

*(keep in mind, the full edition featured above is a revised version of these chapters)


That's it. Now it's up to you!

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