Lost in the Movies: Nations and Regions/Continents

Nations and Regions/Continents

The films I've covered through prose, video essay, visual tribute, and podcast "film in focus" are tagged by continental/regional "cinema" and/or national "film." Follow these links to finds the titles that fit. In a few cases, where a movie was an international co-production, I chose one country to identify it with. These tags do not include movies mentioned in lists or covered in the "Remembering the Movies" exercise, "32 Days of Movies" video clip series, or as brief film capsules on my podcast - just the four bigger categories mentioned above. (countries last updated August 2020)

Films produced by primarily English-speaking nations/continents

(the U.S. label is limited to "American Classic" - Hollywood productions from the dawn of the talkies to the early sixties; since the bulk of movies reviewed on this site are American films from the past fifty years, they don't need their own category to browse)

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