Lost in the Movies: THE ARCHIVE Chapter 32: Finishing the Longest Year (September - December 2018)

THE ARCHIVE Chapter 32: Finishing the Longest Year (September - December 2018)

After wrapping most big projects for the year - already my busiest ever - I spent a more relaxed but still active autumn and early winter maintaining my weekly Patreon podcasts with Twin Peaks subjects, archive reviews, occasional films in focus, and infrequent random topics, updates, and round-ups. I picked up some threads from the spring (the first Before... trilogy), spun more threads from those (an Ethan Hawke series), and had fun diving into a variety of topics ranging from short Mickey Mouse cartoons to long Ken Burns documentaries. The crown jewels of the season, however, were the long-awaited "5 Weeks of Fire Walk With Me" pieces, some promised the year before and at least one that couldn't have gone up when the series was originally planned because its subject didn't exist yet.

That and other subjects include an interview with the author of a brand new Fire Walk With Me book, the traces of that film in the new Twin Peaks season, Halloween and Christmas holiday podcast specials, exploration of The Social Network against three mini-eras of the past fifteen years, and (among other examples) a review of Requiem for a Dream that continued the zeroes-products-as-time-capsules theme.

This period's highlight is definitely 4 Ways to Watch Fire Walk With Me: Art Film, Horror Movie, Lynch Project, Twin Peaks Episode, my lengthy, multi-part essay in which I hold the prism of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me up to different cinematic lights and describe what I see.


My monthly Ethan Hawke podcast series begins in the late 80s with the actor as a shy 50s preppie


Patreon update #40 (The End of Evangelion, Carrie Page as the dreamer, American Made, The Children Act, Wire's 154 & more) and preview of Zama review
It all returns to nothing...whether you're Shinji Ikari or Carrie Page (podcast episode)

Patreon update #41: Mark Twain (+ the 2000s decade/documentary, the French Revolution, Nicaragua, podcast recommendations, early Fire Walk With Me draft & more)
My podcast covers the extraordinary life of Mark Twain, courtesy of Ken Burns' documentary

Patreon update #42: Gattaca (+ The Contender, Kavanaugh hearings, Twin Peaks interviews, podcast recommendations & more) and preview of Daguerreotypes review
My Ethan Hawke series continues with a 90s sci-fi thriller, plus I re-visit a 2000 political drama in light of recent news

Patreon update #43 (The Shining, Cooper & Mr. C, the year after Twin Peaks, Hill Street Blues early season 4, Mimi, Schitt's Creek, "race vs. class" on the left, podcast recommendations & more)
Alongside a look at the Twin Peaks fandom post-season three, my podcast discusses the Mark Frost-supervised season of Hill Street Blues and revisits my review of Kubrick's horror classic as Halloween approaches

"5 Weeks of Fire Walk With Me" (finally) resumes this week
A year after pausing to work out some ambitious concepts, my series of essays finally returns with a few tweaks to the upcoming schedule

4 Ways to Watch Fire Walk With Me: Art Film, Horror Movie, Lynch Project, Twin Peaks Episode
Fire Walk With Me is many things: an art film focused on trauma, a multifaceted participant in the horror genre, an example of Lynch's cinematic aesthetics and themes, and the culminating episode of a TV show


Patreon update #44: Halloween (+ Fire Walk With Me as horror movie, The Old Dark House & more) and preview of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Halloween hits my podcast as I review the John Carpenter slasher classic, revisit my coverage of early Universal horror, and analyze the Twin Peaks movie as part of the same genre

Patreon update #45 (Fire Walk With Me as art film, Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks season 3, what is Judy? & more)
What do their mirror reflections tell Nana, Adriana, Alma, Suzanne, Weronika, Laura, and Audrey? My podcast explores the Laura Palmer study in light of European art cinema, as well as the backstory to Sherilyn Fenn's appearance in season 3

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Twin Peaks: The Return
Tracing every way that the Showtime series echoes, extends, transforms, and celebrates the once-maligned film that preceded it

Patreon update #46 (Fire Walk With Me in season 3, Pyaasa & more) and preview of Renee/Jade/Knox character studies
Two poignant tales of modern-day martyrs: linking Twin Peaks film and new season, plus my archive review of an Indian classic

Finding the Missing Pages: interview w/ Lindsay Hallam, author of Devil's Advocates - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
My talk with the author of a new book that explores the film's connection to recent art horror, trauma cinema, and classic melodrama, as well as Lynch's important collaborators

Patreon update #47: Steamboat Willie's 90th anniversary & 9 other classic Mickey Mouse cartoons (+ Lindsay Hallam's Fire Walk With Me book, the Soviet War and Peace - Andrei & Natalya, Democrats in the midterms, Vic Berger's Walkaway video, Nazis vs. MAGA normies, Armistice Day, Halloween/political podcast recommendations & more)
The diverse approach of my podcast encompasses Mickey Mouse, Leo Tolstoy, and Laura Palmer - in the last case, discussing my recent Twin Peaks author interview

Patreon update #48: Training Day (+ Fire Walk With Me as Lynch project, the Soviet War and Peace - 1812 & Pierre, Jonathan, CNN's The 2000s, Twin Peaks fan theories, Ocasio-Cortez clapbacks, Bernie 2020? & more) and preview of Lady Bird review
My Ethan Hawke podcast miniseries reaches the 00s while I look at the place of Lynch's sixth film in his oeuvre and revisit a review of the '69 Tolstoy adaptation from my archive


Patreon update #49: The Social Network (+ the Angela Nagle immigration controversy, LeftTube, Fire Walk With Me as Twin Peaks episode, the RR counter/the ring in season 3, Disney's aesthetics/ideology, the Hollywood War and Peace & more)
My podcast covers "the Facebook movie" as it relates to 2004, 2010, and 2018, plus concluding my War and Peace archive review and exploring Fire Walk With Me's roots in various Twin Peaks episodes

Patreon update #50: Requiem for a Dream (+ The Blue Rose Magazine in 2018, The Green Book, A Charlie Brown Christmas/It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown, Sherilyn Fenn in Twin Peaks season 3, who is Red? & more) and preview of Mary Shelley review
Nothing goes better together than a deep dive into narcotic states of consciousness and a melancholy Peanuts TV special as my podcast offers the first of a couple Christmas-y episodes

Patreon update #51: Before Sunset (+ Twin Peaks season 3 blu-ray special features, It's a Wonderful Life, 2000s politics: Bush administration/Obama campaign & more)
Christmas continues on my podcast when I revisit a lengthy review of the holiday classic and follow up with the Before... pair in Paris after 9 years

Patreon update #52: FREE Blade Runner 2049 conversation w/ Max Clark plus preview of Civil War Cinepoem
At year's end, I slow down the podcast pace as my sci-fi conversation from the spring goes public

(in which the podcast becomes monthly and I cover True Detective again)

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