Monday, September 14, 2015

Side by Side - Neon Genesis Evangelion & Twin Peaks (premiering later today)

Every month, I will be offering at least one post on Twin Peaks...up until Showtime re-airs the original series. Then I will post extensive coverage of each episode (mixing new reactions with my many older pieces) immediately after they air. Stay tuned.

Thursday update: Here it is, finally! Vimeo embed and Monday's message are after the jump, and I may also eventually be publishing a longer, separate blog post with images from the video, further thoughts, and relevant links.

on Vimeo:

Original message:

As with last week, my planned video is delayed - but this time it should be up by the end of the day. I have done most of the preliminary work on my side-by-side comparison of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Twin Peaks and am working on assembling the pieces right now. When the video is available, I will update this post with a link and description. Sorry for the delay, and hope you enjoy it.

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