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TV Viewing Diaries

TV episode guides have been a part of Lost in the Movies since the earliest days (the beginning of my blogging activity coincided with my first journey into Twin Peaks). Initially they were few and far between, and covered shows I'd seen before (not just Peaks, but Neon Genesis Evangelion). In 2015, however, I kicked off a series of viewing diaries - in which I watch an entire show (almost always for the first time) and write about each episode immediately after the experience, without knowing what's to come. While the ones up through 2017 have been longer essays, going forward they will be much shorter, divided into a recap and analysis sections about a paragraph each. These will hopefully continue for years to come.

Top of the Lake (season 1)

True Detective (season 1)
True Detective (season 2)

Twin Peaks
(partial episode guide, covering about half the series; the other episodes are reviewed in my ranking)

Twin Peaks: The Return

currently in the works:
Breaking Bad
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Clone Wars
The Kingdom
Mad Men
Star Trek
Veronica Mars
The Wire
The X-Files

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