Lost in the Movies: discussing Schindler

discussing Schindler

As expected, Schindler's List (placing #23 on Allan Fish's "best of the 90s" countdown) has opened up an interesting discussion on Wonders in the Dark. Does the film trivialize the Holocaust? Did Spielberg spread himself too thin? Are there actually 22 better films from the decade? Is Rage Against the Machine overrated? (Wonders threads have a delightful tendency to wander.) Jump in and discuss - the more voices the merrier.

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The Mad Hatter said...

Wow! Quite the debate going on over there. Kinda hard to discern whether people have soured on the film, or just soured on Spielberg.

Ranking it at 23 is ballsy, given that many might well slot it at number one (not me), top five (possibly me), or at the very least top ten (absolutely).

Gonna have to start following this person's blog...I'm quite curious to see what lands higher than Schindler

MovieMan0283 said...

Thanks, Hatter - I love that site in large part because of the freewheeling discussions that ensue - and we've had some whoppers; one thread ended up at over 300 comments, and they always go both deep (no "yeah, this was cool" or "it sucked" will suffice) and broad (you never not where a conversation will lead - Reservoir Dogs took us into the thickets of defining the avant-garde, even though nobody's definition would include that particular film, while Pulp Fiction turned in to a discourse on the morality of banning cigarette advertisements - I kid you not).

I actually have a link to all of the previous posts in the countdown on my other blog (it's linked up near the bottom of the post which tops Dancing Image at present).

Glad I turned you on to Wonders in the Dark - and you've got the right idea in wondering what the next 22 will be; Allan has stated that one of his aims is to introduce people to new works (though you have to have an All-Region DVD player, which I do not, to catch up with some of them).

Just Another Film Buff said...

Superb blog movie man. Will be following this regularly. But I'm just floored by The Dancing Image. God knows how I missed that one.

p.S: It would really be useful if you provide links to any new posts that you put up at the dancing image here. Will make it easy for the readers to follow all the posts.

MovieMan0283 said...

Thanks for the kind words, JAFB. Indeed, linking to the Dancing Image (as well as my work on the Examiner) is my intention, and is in fact one of the reasons I started this very blog, to keep a presence up on the web on a constant basis so that when I did "bigger work" there would still be an audience.

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